LLLL.com Price Guide

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Time until Expiration/Renewal (subtract $0.60 from the values reported below for every month less than 1 full year remaining on the registration).
Numbers in parentheses reflect maximum likely obtainable prices in a reseller environment for domains fitting a particular letter pattern. Sales near the maximum suggested prices are generally for quad premium examples which are pronounceable, memorable, and acronym-friendly. Rare LLLL.coms are treated separately later in the price guide. All prices quoted are reflective only of what one could expect to pay in a reseller environment — suggested maximum prices have no meaning if you’re targetting endusers or selling generic 4 letter .coms.
Min Wholesale: $5800
Double Premium: $6600
Triple Premium: $10000
Minimum Wholesale: $22
CCCC: $22 ($500)
CCVC: $25 ($600)
CVCC: $27 ($600)
CCVV: $30 ($600)
VCCC: $30 ($750)
VVCC: $32 ($1000)
VCCV: $34 ($1500)
CVVC: $45 ($1800)
VVVC: $75 ($1000)
VCVC: $75 ($4000)
CVVV: $85 ($900)
VVCV: $80 ($1500)
VCVV: $100 ($2000)
VVVV: $250* ($1500)
CVCV: $300 ($9000)
* Insufficient sales data to conclusively provide a minimum valuation.
The letter Y was considered a consonant for the purpose of this price guide. In reality, it can serve as both a consonant or vowel, however this often becomes somewhat subjective and open to bias (eg. sellers will always think their domain is more pronounceable than buyers).
single premium: $22
double premium: $26
triple premium: $35
quad premium: $210
triple letter: $200 ($800)
triple repeat: $350 ($1800)
palindrome: $300 ($1200)
ABAB: $275 ($1000)
AABB: $400 ($1500)
Quad Premium rares (triples, palindromes, ABAB, AABB) generally sell for 1.5 to 2.5 times quoted minimum wholesales.
Triple Premium Breakdown
Prices in parentheses reflect maximum likely prices in a reseller environment for cookie cutter examples (as defined above) which lack significant distinguishing features (such as much pronounceability). Prices to the left reflect the minimum wholesale prices per type of triple premium LLLL.com.
Q/X: $35 ($60)
Z: $40 ($80)
Y: $45 ($90)
J: $50 ($100)
V: $65 ($100)
K: $60 ($120)
U: $75 ($130)
W: $80 ($150)
Pronounceable Performance Breakdown
When dealing with pronounceable 4 letter .coms, the question often arises whether the letter “Y” takes on the properties of a consonant or those of a vowel. When dealing with CVCVs, a “Y” found in the 4th position is often considered to take on the properties of a vowel and when found in the 2nd position, the role of a consonant.
Recent sales data follows which should help better elucidate the difference between valuations of CVCY/CYCV, as well as demonstrate the differences in value between a CVCV containing no “Y” and one containing a “Y”.
cuji.com  $854 07/16/2008 SnapNames
keqa.com  $500 07/16/2008 BQB
Lodo.com  $17000 07/16/2008 RickLatona.com
nize.com  $1664 07/16/2008 Sedo
cegu.com  $1109 07/14/2008 Sedo
hene.com  $1900 07/14/2008 Sedo
kiqe.com  $407 07/11/2008 Sedo
zuso.com  $1250 07/11/2008 Sedo
gofu.com  $1450 07/10/2008 Sedo
kiqe.com  $407 07/10/2008 Sedo
pafe.com  $1806 07/10/2008 Sedo
buli.com  $2200 07/09/2008 
hopa.com  $15000 07/09/2008 Afternic
mafa.com  $3000 07/09/2008 Sedo
sule.com  $2291 07/09/2008 Sedo
tezi.com  $1355 07/08/2008 Sedo
vuqu.com  $360 07/05/2008 Sedo
piwu.com  $1001 07/04/2008 Sedo
vudi.com  $664 07/04/2008 Sedo
jisu.com  $3988 07/02/2008 Sedo
dypa.com  $490 07/17/2008 Sedo
hypi.com  $3000 07/16/2008 Afternic
gyqa.com  $110 06/20/2008 Sedo
kedy.com  $1360 07/17/2008 Sedo
lesy.com  $1027 07/09/2008 Sedo
moky.com  $1600 07/09/2008 BQB
raxy.com  $353 07/07/2008 Sedo
cavy.com  $3134 07/04/2008 Sedo
noqy.com  $191 07/03/2008 TDNAM
posy.com  $2,202 06/27/2008 Sedo
cufy.com  $510 06/21/2008 Sedo
rizy.com  $675 06/20/2008 Sedo
goyo.com  $3970 ($9000) 07/02/2008 Sedo, resold on 07/14/2008 at TDNAM
woya.com  $4500 07/02/2008 Afternic
mayu.com  $2001 07/01/2008 Sedo
Yeco.com  $1022 07/09/2008 NameJet
yuzu.com  $3800 07/08/2008 NameJet
yuki.com  $8850 07/07/2008 NameJet
icav.com  $506 07/14/2008 NameJet
iduf.com  $130 07/09/2008 Private
avos.com  $3093 07/06/2008 NameJet
ases.com  $4100 07/02/2008 Sedo
ocal.com  $2550 07/02/2008 Sedo
upax.com  $4418 07/02/2008 Afternic
igax.com  $176 06/30/2008 NameJet
ocal.com  $2550 06/27/2008 Sedo
avof.com  $243 06/26/2008 Sedo
upaj.com  $3000 06/25/2008 Afternic
ases.com  $4100 06/24/2008 Sedo
ocal.com  $2550 06/22/2008 Sedo
inoq.com  $177 06/21/2008 Sedo
aqit.com  $140 06/20/2008 NameJet
uzuf.com  $105 06/20/2008 NamePros Auction
aced.com  $12500 06/19/2008 Afternic
ataw.com  $310 06/19/2008 NameJet
umuj.com  $150 06/18/2008 Private Sale
erar.com  $970 06/16/2008 NameJet
axah.com  $145 06/14/2008 BQB.com
VCVC (containing Y):
oyom.com  $175 07/09/2008 TDNAM
ufyl.com  $29 07/04/2008 DigitalPoint
eyah.com  $1061 07/03/2008 SnapNames
ywew.com  $31 06/12/2008 SnapNames
ahyn.com  $162 06/11/2008 Sedo
ymel.com  $252 06/07/2008 TDNAM
obye.com  $211 06/06/2008 SnapNames
OSYT.com  $160 06/06/2008 NamePros
yqiq.com  $42 06/03/2008 TDNAM
unyf.com  $71 06/02/2008 NameJet
yruf.com  $47.99 06/02/2008 eBay
afcy.com  $95 07/17/2008 Sedo
erdy.com  $75 07/16/2008 Afternic
ilqo.com  $80 07/15/2008 TDNAM
ufgo.com  $133 07/15/2008 TDNAM
ufgo.com  $133 07/14/2008 TDNAM
uyri.com  $51 07/14/2008 TDNAM
ipyi.com  $82 07/09/2008 Pool
ozmo.com  $25,000 07/09/2008 Sedo
opli.com  $360 07/05/2008 NameJet
ihpy.com  $52 07/04/2008 TDNAM
udqu.com  $25 07/04/2008 NamePros
ugzi.com  $29 07/04/2008 TDNAM
uxzy.com  $29 07/04/2008 DigitalPoint
uhqu.com  $25 07/03/2008 NamePros
ilfa.com  $560 06/25/2008 Sedo
umno.com  $2,500 06/25/2008 Ebay
ezsa.com  $250 06/24/2008 NameJet
ahza.com  $121 06/20/2008 NameJet
eqgi.com  $51 06/18/2008 TDNAM
VCCV (containing Y):
afcy.com  $95 07/17/2008 Sedo
erdy.com  $75 07/16/2008 Afternic
uyri.com  $51 07/14/2008 TDNAM
ipyi.com  $82 07/09/2008 Pool
ihpy.com  $52 07/04/2008 TDNAM
uxzy.com  $29 07/04/2008 DigitalPoint
ujly.com  $180 06/18/2008 Sedo
ijgy.com  $53 06/16/2008 TDNAM
ihqy.com  $28 06/12/2008 SnapNames
ikfy.com  $110 06/12/2008 SnapNames
YMNY.com  $200 06/12/2008 NamePros
ytda.com  $60 06/12/2008 SnapNames
iyki.com  $90 06/11/2008 SnapNames
ynca.com  $2736 06/06/2008 NameJet
ingy.com  $691 06/02/2008 NameJet
ilgy.com  $100 06/01/2008 NameJet
coaf.com  $850 07/17/2008 NameJet
faim.com  $2214 07/17/2008 SnapNames
raom.com  $510 07/12/2008 Sedo
hoyd.com  $333 07/11/2008 NameJet
HeyB.com  $251 07/10/2008 Sedo
hiin.com  $1,550 07/10/2008 Sedo
ceux.com  $1,657 07/09/2008 Sedo
nuyq.com  $24 07/07/2008 NamePros
luyh.com  $75 07/04/2008 TDNAM
yeod.com  $100 07/04/2008 BQB
fioc.com  $511 07/02/2008 NameJet
xiys.com  $42 07/02/2008 TDNAM
zyir.com  $42 07/02/2008 TDNAM
coag.com  $710 07/01/2008 Sedo
tuez.com  $206 07/01/2008 SnapNames
duup.com  $419 06/30/2008 TDNAM
duup.com  $414 06/30/2008 TDNAM
soih.com  $365 06/30/2008 Sedo
wyyv.com  $22 06/30/2008 BQB
fuor.com  $10,000 06/29/2008 Afternic
CVVC (containing Y):
hoyd.com  $333 07/11/2008 NameJet
HeyB.com  $251 07/10/2008 Sedo
nuyq.com  $24 07/07/2008 NamePros
luyh.com  $75 07/04/2008 TDNAM
yeod.com  $100 07/04/2008 BQB
xiys.com  $42 07/02/2008 TDNAM
zyir.com  $42 07/02/2008 TDNAM
wyyv.com  $22 06/30/2008 BQB
noyz.com  $785 06/21/2008 NameJet
jyet.com  $101 06/18/2008 SnapNames
zyig.com  $60 06/18/2008 TDNAM
koyq.com  $50 06/09/2008 TDNAM
nyyq.com  $94 06/09/2008 TDNAM
muys.com  $398 06/08/2008 NameJet
piyq.com  $39 06/08/2008 TDNAM
JYOF.com  $30 06/07/2008 NamePros
tiyj.com  $39 06/07/2008 TDNAM
xyir.com  $50 06/06/2008 TDNAM
deyq.com  $57 06/02/2008 TDNAM
As a general rule, 2 Y’s in the same CVCV is something you’d like to try and stya away from if possible. As can be seen above, Y’s often result in very strong sales, regardless of their consonant/vowel status in CVCV type LLLL.coms, however it’s best to stick with a CVCY pattern for maximum enduser and reseller potential. If offered 2 comparable CVCV, the one without a “Y” is usually a better choice.
These same basic principals can be applied to other pronounceable categories. The “Radio Test” really is the best way to get a good idea of whether your LLLL.com is pronounceable or not. If your LLLL.com was mentioned on the radio, would listeners be able to spell it without difficulty? It’s better to ask other people than to try and determine this yourself — most of us will be inherently biased towards our own LLLL.coms.
In general, the best performing letters are: A, S, E, M, D, I, T, O. Other strong letters include F, G, H. The letters J,K,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z are referred as non-premium letters. The presence of one of these letters considerably devalues a 4 letter .com under most circumstances. Of these, Q, X, Z are the weakest.
Certain letters perform better in certain positions than others. The letter “I” for instance is a particularly strong ending letter which stands as an acronym for many commonly used words such as International, Incorporated, Industries,… C,I,L make stronger ending letters than they typically are elsewhere in an LLLL.com. A and O are strong in either the starting or ending position and S is stronger in the starting position. This is by no means an exhaustive list, merely examples of letters which perform better in particular positions.
Always Consider:
Pronounceability (does it pass the radio test?)
Likelihood of an existing or future enduser
Anything which differentiates it from other LLLL.coms
C = Character. When seen in a domain name listing, the number of C’s refers to the number of characters in a domain name. In the domain name industry, the term Character refers to either a Letter of the
English alphabet (A-Z) or a Number (0-9). A domain with many characters may have both many letters and many numbers.
L = Letter. When seen is a domain name listing, the number of L’s refers to the number of letters in a domain name.
N = Number. When seen in a domain name listing, the number of N’s refers to the number of numbers in a domain name.
Premium LLLL.com: A premium domain name is a domain name composed exclusively of letters: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T. These letters are referred to as “premium letters”. A premium LLLL.com is, in other words, an LLLL.com devoid of the letters: J,K,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. These letters are commonly referred to as non-premium letters. The letters J,K,U,V,W,Y are considered by most domain investors to be of higher quality than the letters Q,X,Z. The letters: J,K,U,V,W,Y are commonly referred to as “semi-premium” letters, whereas Q,X,Z are referred to as “bad letters”. These terms are used strictly in a reseller setting and currently hold the largest weight in the 3 and 4 letter markets. More information on premium letters and premium domains will be provided in the 4 letter (LLLL) .com section which is included below.
As a general rule, Characters can be represented by Letters or Numbers. A 3 letter .com (LLL.com) is also considered a 3 Character .com (CCC.com). Likewise, a 2 number .com (NN.com) is also considered a 2 Character .com. Because LLL.coms and NNN.coms are so popular, we list them separately on BQB in their own categories visible on the BQB homepage. The following are industry terms used on BQB and an explanation of their meaning.
2 Characters
LL = 2 Letter .com. Two Letters from A-Z. They may be the same letter or different letters. Examples include: AA.com, BC.com, DJ.com, MX.com, YQ.com.
LN = Letter-Number .com. One Letter from A-Z followed by One Number from 0-9. Examples include: A1.com, B9.com, X2.com, Y5.com.
NL = Number-Letter .com. One Number from 0-9 followed by One Letter from A-Z. Examples include: 1A.com, 9B.com, 2X.com, 5Y.com. Notice the difference in letter-number placement between an LN.com and an NL.com.
NN = 2 Number .com. Two Numbers from 0-9. They may be the same or different numbers. Examples include 11.com, 21.com, 47.com, 90.com.
3 Characters
LLL = 3 Letter .com. Contains 3 Letters from A-Z. Examples include: AAB.com, ABC.com, JHD.com, OOO.com.
LLN = Letter-Letter-Number .com. Two Letters from A-Z followed by One Number from 0-9. Examples include: JH7.com, KL4.com, MM8.com, ZX2.com.
LNL = Letter-Number-Letter .com. One Letter from A-Z followed by One Number from 0-9, which is followed by One Letter from A-Z. Examples include: B2B.com, G4S.com, B3G.com, Y2K.com.
LNN =Letter-Number-Number .com. One Letter from A-Z followed by Two Numbers from 0-9. Examples include: C93.com, D22.com, B16.com, W40.com.
NLL =Number-Letter-Letter .com. One Number from 0-9 followed by Two Letters from A-Z. Examples include: 4DD.com, 3NT.com, 7WJ.com, 9QS.com.
NLN = Number-Letter-Number .com. One Number from 0-9 followed by One Letter from A-Z, which is followed by One Number from 0-9. Examples include: 2D4.com, 5Y7.com, 6R1.com, 3F2.com.
NNL = Number-Number-Letter .com. Two Numbers from 0-9 followed by One Letter from A-Z. Examples include: 40A.com 66V.com, 75J.com, 91R.com.
NNN = 3 Number .com. Contains 3 Numbers from 0-9. Examples include: 123.com, 300.com, 444.com, 747.com. 4 Characters
LLLL = 4 Letter .com. Contains 4 Letters from A-Z. Below we define different types of 4 Letter .coms.
Anti-Premium: A domain name that contains only non-premium letters. An anti-premium domain is a domain which is composed strictly of letters: J,K,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z. The term Anti-Premium is most commonly applied to 4 Letter .coms, however it also makes a good adjective to describe the 3 letter crap selling near min wholesale as well. Examples of Anti-Premium LLL.coms include: YXZ.com, VKQ.com, XZW.com, QKU.com. Examples of Anti-Premium LLLL.coms include: WKQU.com, XYQZ.com, YQUW.com, KQJV.com.
Anti-Premium LLLL.coms are the lowest quality LLLL.coms on the market and are generally among the cheapest.
Single Premium: We use this term to refer LLLL.coms containing only one premium letter. Examples of Single Premium LLLL.coms include: JHXZ.com, UQTX.com, WQUE.com, EUWJ.com.
Double Premium: We use this term to refer to LLLL.coms containing two premium letters. Examples of Double Premium LLLL.coms include: ASWQ.com, BJKT.com, WVMG.com, HWRZ.com.
Triple Premium: We use this term to refer to LLLL.coms containing three premium letters. Examples of Triple Premium LLLL.coms include: ASDX.com, POSW.com, NWOO.com, XEEB.com. LLL.coms containing three premium letters are commonly referred to as “Premium LLL.coms”. Examples include: SAS.com, RTN.com, NPG.com, RSS.com.
Quad Premium: We use this term to refer to LLLL.coms containing four premium letters. Examples of Quad Premium LLLL.coms include: AAAL.com, FFLE.com, MNGO.com, GHPR.com.
CVCV = A 4 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel letter pattern. CVCVs are generally extremely pronounceable and are among the most valuable LLLL.coms. Examples include: MELO.com, MOFO.com, ZENE.com, LUMI.com. Many CVCVs are actual words in English or in another language and that partly contributes to their high valuations, on top of their immense brandability and obvious enduser potential.
CVVC = A 4 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Vowel-Consonant letter pattern. Examples include: NOOL.com, ROOX.com, BEER.com, MOOT.com.
VCCV = A 4 letter .com domain name which follows a Vowel-Consonant-Consonant-Vowel letter pattern. Examples include: ADDA.com, ELLO.com, INGE.com, UGFO.com
VCVC = A 4 letter .com domain name which follows a Vowel-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant letter pattern. VCVCs are often among the most pronounceable and desirable LLLL.coms, right up there with CVCVs. Examples include: OPAL.com, ONEX.com, ILEC.com, UQEN.com.
AABB = A 4 letter .com domain name which contains only 2 different letters, where “A” and “B” symbolically represent two different letters from A-Z. Examples include: CCDD.com, DDJJ.com, MMXX.com, ZZGG.com.
ABAB = A 4 letter .com domain name which contains only 2 different letters, where “A” and “B” symbolically represent two different letters from A-Z. Examples include: CDCD.com, DJDJ.com, MXMX.com, ZGZG.com.
Palindromes = A 4 letter .com domain name which contains only 2 different letters from A-Z. Examples include: CDDC.com, DJJD.com, MXXM.com, ZGGZ.com. Palindromes are commonly referred to ABBA-type LLLL.coms.
Triple Letter = An LLLL.com containing three of the same letter. These are sometimes referred to as Triple letter repeats in the case it is of an AAAB or BAAA letter pattern. Examples include: SSSJ.com, SWWW.com, HHGH.com, IJII.com. Notice how each of these examples showcases the Triple Letter LLLL.com differently. These are all considered Triple Letter LLLL.coms.
VVVV = A 4 letter .com domain name which contains four vowels. Examples include: AEIO.com, EUOU.com, IOUI.com, EAUU.com.
CVCCV = A 5 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Consonant-Vowel letter pattern. CVCCVs are among the most popular 5L.com domain names which are registered and resold today. Examples include: RORRE.com, FOGGE.com, ZINNE.com, VISTA.com.
CVCVC = A 5 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant letter pattern. CVCVCs are essentially CVCVs with an additional consonant at the end. Examples include: FALES.com, FIRAL.com, SAGEP.com, LINUX.com.
CVCVV = A 5 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel-Vowel letter pattern. CVCVVs are essentially CVCVs with an additional vowel at the end. Examples include: RAGOO.com, PARIA.com, MELOO.com, MONEE.com.
CVVCV = A 5 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel letter pattern. CVVCVs are CVCVs with an additional vowel included before the second consonant. Examples: ZOOME.com, ROOMI.com, PIECO.com, MOOLA.com.
VCVCV = A 5 letter .com domain name which follows a Vowel-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel letter pattern. VCVCVs are essential VCVCs with an additional vowel at the end. Examples include: ATOMO.com, EFOTO.com, ISAMI.com, OSIRA.com.
Due to the high prices CVCVs and VCVCs have been seeing lately, many 5L.com investors see CVCCV, CVCVC, CVCVV, CVVCV, and VCVCV as five of the most promising 5L.com alternatives to brandable LLLL.coms which are rapidly increasing in price.
End of Guide.
Released: July 19, 2008

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  7. Thanks Antonio!

    I think both pronounceable CVVC and VCCV have a very strong future. The market seems to have eased off a bit lately on unpronounceable CVVCs and VCCVs. Pronounceable CVVCs and VCCVs are found quite often in the $200+ range.

    As for decreased sales — I think you’re right. I took all 1700 of my LLLL.coms off the market. I only have 1 LLLL.com on auction now and waiting for payment on 21 others. But the rest are going away for awhile!

  8. Thats quite some analysis you have going there Reece! Keep up the good work! Don’t forget i’ll be doing a premium LLLL.net scan towards the end of the month to see what’s happening in that area of the market too!


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  10. are the letter values entirely independent of pronouceability ?
    what about pronounceable names with bad letters?

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    I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s a nice little city just north of Minnesota.

    I left pronounceable names of the non-CVCV and non-VCVC category under whatever category they’d typically be listed under (example: single premium, double premium, triple premium,…).

    Most of the ones I’d consider pronounceable fell into the double or triple premium categories. I opted not to list them separately because LLLL.com pronounceability outside of CVCVs and VCVCs is somewhat subjective and I wanted to keep this guide as far away from my personal opinion as possible. In keeping it strictly based on fact, I felt the best way to maintain accuracy was to keep as many names as possible under their default categories unless they’re names that would significantly skew results (eg. XIAN.com @ $40,000).

    Pronounceability is not only based on personal opinion but also on language, hence my decision to not separate them from the main results.

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    Awesome work. Any advice on what to do with 100+ LLLL collection? Sell, or keep it for 5 years?

  28. Keep them! 😉

    100 or so LLLL.coms is a reasonable enough size that renewal fees should be the least of your concern. Those 100 LLLL.coms will most likely buy you a brand new car 5 years from now.

  29. Hello Again Reese,

    I was bored tonight and figured out the average price for a LLLL.com in the last 700 auctions………drum roll………


  30. Hey Jeremy 😉

    Pretty incredible, isn’t it? We’ve progressed a long ways in the last couple years… From LLLL.coms being ridiculed to talk of a special section on Namepros for LLLL.coms. From people saying buying anything but premium LLLL.coms was a waste of money, to people paying sometimes over $100 for non-premium LLLL.coms…

    Remember the days when people talked about “if” there’d be a buyout? Hard to imagine that was barely over 2 months ago…

    My, have we ever come a long ways…

  31. Hey Reece, good work! From your analysis we can really see the increase in LLLL.com values. I especially like the fact that the minimum wholesale is up 114%! Thats good news all round! Lets hope and anticipate further big increases next month! 🙂


  32. Reece, this guide is impressive! You’ve done a very good work with this guide, thanks!


  33. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Prices on lower quality LLLL.coms were in desperate need of a revision! I took advantage of the fact I saw a huge increase coming and picked up almost 300 low quality LLLL.coms for $14-$16 back in December and managed to flip everything in bulk sales from $28-$35 per. No complaints here 😉

    Quad Premiums will be the big winner over the next 6-8 weeks imho. They didn’t increase all that much this month and triple premiums gained alot of ground on them… Expect a min wholesale of $300+ on quad premiums by March.

  35. Just corrected 1 typo in the price guide — the first percentage $33 from $14 should be 136%, not 114%. As if doubling in 1 month wasn’t enough 😉

  36. Great data, happy I found this post 🙂

    Does that mean prices for domains in 90th percentile – quad premiums went down? That can’t be true. Also more examples would be great!

  37. What about the letter K? Is that considered a premium letter as well for the purposes of this guide? I didn’t see it in the Triple Premium Min Wholesales section.

  38. Hi Michael,

    Quad premiums were sold much less frequently this month than last month, so while the 90th percentile previously characterized them well last month, they’d be sitting more around the 95th percentile this month. Min wholesale on quad premium LLLL.coms was up 25% to $250 from $200 in December.


    Hi Chris,

    Triple Premiums + K are about $100 per. Thanks for reminding me to include K in the analysis. Adding it to the post right now 🙂

  39. […] Анализ рынка от польхователя NamePros Reece : https://4letternoob.wordpress.com/price-guide/ […]

  40. Yunusi, Спасибо 😉

  41. Excellent guide. Thank you very, very much. I was having trouble pricing my LLLL portfolio with all the recent rush.. Thanks again.

  42. You’re welcome BW!

    Be sure to check back on February 8th for the February LLLL.com price guide 😉

    I’ll publish another guide in mid-February if prices increase as fast as they did in January (for new readers, this is the second guide published within 1 month).

  43. Your the best Reece

    Very nice analysis, but a dip in quad premiums?

    Not when you’re buying 😉

  44. Hi mwzd,

    Thanks for stopping by 😉

    I’m indeed buying a whole load of quad premium LLLL.coms and they most certainly aren’t going anywhere but up in price!

    In the fine printed (listed at the top under ** ) I explained that very few quad premium sales happened in January in comparison to in december and so it wasn’t fair to judge quad premiums based on how the 90th percentile performed, as it was in December. Min quad premium wholesale today is about $250 with $300 being relatively easy to achieve on any quad premium LLLL.com.

  45. I am eagerly waiting for the next price update. I am hoping the min price will reach $40 in first week of Feb. I am using this site as a refrenece. thanks

  46. Thanks! Another price rise!

  47. Thanks!

  48. Reece, thanks alot for the guide…I love to see prices going up!

    How would you value a triple premium pronouncable right now?


  49. I like the price guide and the website, good job! 🙂

  50. Thanks, for all your efforts, this guide is really appreciated.

  51. I’ve got one question for the owner of this site if that’s okay… If a 4-letter .com contains 3 premium letters and 1 semi-premium and the first 3 letters form very often used english word and the last word is the semi-premium one. How much would you appraise that one?
    Thank you very much!

  52. Lakko,

    It’s impossible to accurately appraise any name without knowing what the name is. If you don’t want it indexed into say, Google, a good alternative is to list the name like this: LLLL(.)com or LLLL,com. If you want to shield it from even domainers (other than those on this site), list it as something like this: L;L#L%L. If you’d like a private appraisal, leave a comment with your email address. I’ll get back to you but won’t publish your comment (all comments are moderated before being posted, so I’ll reply to you by email and delete your post here).

    hFAN.com recently sold for $4,000 USD in example… Many LLLL.coms composed of a 3 letter word are very valuable and in the hands of endusers already (examples: eBay, uBid, Digg).

  53. How come in the paragraph on the homepage you said that quad premiums have not really gone up but in the price guide you say “The real movers and shakers over the last week have been quad premiums, having appreciated a whopping 40% to $350 from their min wholesale of $250 on January 24th.”. I think this is cut and pasted from last week guides. Also did you update the triple premium prices that you said went up? It looks to me that all you updated was the numbers in 10% percentile, median, 75 percentile, ect. Maybe I misunderstood where you were going with this guide.

  54. Hi Unclewalter,

    Thanks for catching my mistake — I forgot to delete out last week’s results (now done).

    The bottom half should always remain the same (the part starting after the current quad premium prices). The remaining half of the price guide is just an explanation of how prices are calculated and what kind of names can be found at each percentile. These things don’t change each week (or even each month), so this part of the guide will rarely (if ever) be updated.

    What was updated was the percentiles (as stated in your post) and the “Approximate Reseller Price By LLLL.com Segment”. We have to remember that the last price guide was released all of 1 week ago, so price jumps aren’t all that big.

    Last week’s prices (that have since changed) in triple premiums were:

    J = $90 (now $100+)
    V = $130 (now $140+)
    U/W = $150+ (now $160+)

    Quad premiums increased from $350-$1000 to $400-1000, a respectable increase, but nothing like what we saw last week.

    The differences are there, but they’re not very large and could be easily overlooked. As stated on the homepage, the quad premium LLLL.net buyout was largely responsible for the modest price increase we saw this week in comparison to previous weeks. I expect the price increases to be more noticeable in future weeks.

  55. 75th and Median seem to be going up nicely, just around where my money is at. Thanks for the very useful Price Guide Reece 🙂

  56. Man. I don’t know what market goes up 7% minimum every week!!!

  57. I do: LLLL.coms hehe 😉

  58. Difficult to read white on black. Is there an option to change colors to read easily ?
    Thank you

  59. um its the 18th Where is the next release ?

  60. Hi Optophobia,

    It’s still in the works. It will be MUCH more detailed than the last release and will include a breakdown of every single sale since the November 2nd buyout.

  61. So, since all the prices increased, but the median dropped. Does this mean that there are a bigger percentage of lesser quality domains being sold?

  62. Good question unclewalter.

    When I first looked at the data without analyzing it mathematically, I was under the impression that everything in the 25th through 75th percentile range had dropped..

    What seems to be happening is that buyers are discriminating less and less between triple premiums, double premiums, anti-premiums,… In short, buyers want to own LLLL.coms, rather than a particular type of LLLL.com (other than the obviously superior quad premium, CVCV, VCVC, triple letter…).

    This is largely the bahaviour we see with LLL.coms and would perhaps be a sign of good things to come for holders of lower quality LLLL.coms should it hold true here. There’s very little difference in value between a double premium LLL.com, single premium LLL.com, and even an LLL.com composed entirely of 3 bad letters. The only major difference occurs when the LLL.com is composed of 3 premium letters. It looks like we’re going down the same road here, with an entry fee (min wholesale) which is rapidly rising.

  63. Tripe premiums with Z look like a real bargain at these prices. Where can I find some? 🙂

  64. Looks like triple premiums are heating up again. 20%-100% above guide. It’s starting to look like anything below $100 is a good deal with all of the Q’s and X’s flying off the shelves.

    XMHD.com sold for $192.50
    UEBR.com sold for $162.50
    WMVN.com sold for $167.50
    XHNU.com sold for $112.50
    RQER.com sold for $112.50
    KXKQ.com sold for $102.50

  65. Hi, very useful information. But there is a spelling mistake/typo error. In the third line you mentioned as “LLL.com” instead of “LLLL.com”. This could confuse newbies. Thanks for your efforts though

  66. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for catching that! 🙂

  67. Still waiting for the next update !!!

  68. Up Up and Up again, how about LLLL.net?

  69. great job

  70. Hi Poeps,

    The minimum wholesale on quad premium LLLL.nets appears to be about $9 at the moment. There aren’t all that many people selling (most expect them to go higher) at the moment, so it’s really hard to draw a clear line, but I would expect that quad premium LLLL.nets listed under $9 would sell extremely fast. Not a bad ROI for those who bought in big in early February 🙂

    Unlike tdvr.com, there isn’t really much in the way of a site that tracks all LLLL.net sales that occur. As prices become easier to track and more consistent, I might track them myself to help with an LLLL.net price guide should nobody else rise to the challenge.

  71. thanks Reece for the latest update. I had been waiting for this.

  72. Wow…so now I feel really great that I was able to get a few LLLL.coms for $40 each just the other day.

  73. Weird that jhiy is 10th percentile while druy is 90th.

    I’d club them together as pronounceable domains?

    Both are double premiums ending in Y, in fact jhiy is single syllable and druy is not.Or am i missing something here?

  74. Druy appears to be a fairly popular last name. It may also be a typo of dry, granted the u is positioned to the right of the y on the keyboard, although I’m not sure how common of a typo it would be…

    Druy was registered back in 2003, so it also has age working on it’s side. From an American pronounciation perspective, Druy is more pronounceable than Jhiy.

  75. Your observations make a lot of sense.

    Age helps and I never considered the typo angle.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, helps me understand the market better.

  76. Excellent work once again Reece!

    Quad Letter Domains

  77. thanks again

  78. There are a significant number of sales in CVCV, VCCV, CVVC recently. I suggest next version fo your guide can have an analysis on this sector, eg how anti-prem will affect the valuation of such domains, thanks!

  79. What do you of the value of 4 letter .com’s w/dashes. ie 4–m.com or i-rq.com?

  80. *that should be 4–m.com (four dash dash M).com

  81. Hi Jason,

    I’m honestly not sure of the market value on C – – C type domains. I’ll try and do some research on it over the next few days and will report back on my findings.

    William — I’ll try and add a bit of data on the pronounceable segments. I find them very difficult to appraise in comparison to ordinary LLLL.cms because it’s often difficult to determine enduser sales from domainer purchases. I might just include all reported pronounceable sales and allow people to draw their own conclusions. Moving forward, I hope to have pronounceables covered in the May version of the price guide.

  82. Well I’m hoping you’re right about pronounceable LLLL.com prices rising. Just sent miyd.com to sedo auction, cheap, in fact lower than the min. wholesale reseller price. Considering Sedo has a decent cross section of end users – should be interesting to see where it ends at. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 😉

  83. Samit, I really am hoping it turns out well!

    Sedo has been seeing some extremely strong pronounceable sales lately, so hopefully it catches an end user’s eye 🙂

  84. Good stuff there, thanks for the updates Reece!
    Seems like a good time to buy again

  85. Just noticed a slight mistake, you have (iwizi.com $355.00 03/29/2008 Sedo) including in the list, is that iwiz.com or should that not be there at all?

  86. Michael, it sure does look like a great time to buy 🙂
    Some of the old timers think the lower end LLLL.coms will keep crashing… Personally, I think now is likely one of the last great buying opportunities we’ll have for awhile.


    Stephen, thanks for catching that mistake 🙂 Antonio does a great job with TDVR.com and I do try to go over everything myself and make sure no mistakes arise… Nevertheless, this one slipped by me. That’s one great thing about evaluating prices at quartiles or percentages, rather than “averages”. We’d have to make alot of mistakes to distort the findings whatsoever.

  87. Nice guide man!

  88. awaiting the next guide anxiously

  89. These prices seem as though they are domainers are paying for quads. What is the public paying for names?

  90. Hi BT,

    Indeed the large majority of reported sales (and indeed this guide itself) are reflective of what domainers will pay — not the general public.

    It’s hard to say what the general public will pay for a particular quad (or any LLLL.com for that matter). It may take years for certain LLLL.coms to receive enduser offers and others receive them pretty much monthly… All comes down to what the name means to them (the general public) in the end.

  91. very nice stuff,
    But sound like some of them are mistakes and showing only 3 lll later look like that is mistakes if it is real sale very good profit for buyer.

  92. Reece, do you have any plans to update the guide ?

  93. Great news Reece. Thanks a lot for compiling this.

  94. Nice, thanks for the update

  95. […] New LLLL.com PriceGuide by Reece is out  As can be seen, prices have stabilized and are no longer fluctuating significantly in either direction, which is a good indicator of a healthy market long term. Lately, there have been far more lower quality LLLL.com sales than there have been higher quality LLLL.com sales, so I’ve been forced to remove the upper percentiles to avoid giving major confusion to what higher quality premium and pronounceable LLLL.coms go for. The quad premium market continues to perform abysmally, while the pronounceable and rare markets seem to have stabilized, much like the low end. Min wholesale on quad premiums is approximately $330, identical to what was reported in the previous 4 Letter Noob update, however prices nearing the minimum appear to be occuring considerably more frequently. This entry was posted on Monday, May 19th, 2008 at 10:30 am and is filed under Blogs, LLLL.com, Lists. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. […]

  96. […] the may 2008 llll.com price guide No Comments, Comment or Ping […]

  97. good list, i’m buyed 1 llll domain

  98. […] LLLL domainlerin fiyatlar hzla artyor tabi ki baz LLLL domainler dierlerinden ok daha deerli.4letternoob’ un bir aratrmasna gre en ucuz LLLL domaini 52 dolar deerinde. ok ksa bir sre ncesine […]

  99. […] LLLL domainlerin fiyatlar hzla artyor tabi ki baz LLLL domainler dierlerinden ok daha deerli.4letternoob’ un bir aratrmasna gre en ucuz LLLL domaini 52 dolar deerinde. ok ksa bir sre ncesine […]

  100. Great job on the updated Price Guide, Reece. Majority of your LLLL figures seem to jive with my past month’s experience on various forums and marketplaces. I might even add that in some respects LLLL.com sales have more than ‘stabilized’ and are, here and there, doing a little better than I’ve witnessed the past two months. Anyway, heads-up on a few misplaced names in your guide (ojts.com, xofy.com etc) and thanks for the hard stat work and time put in for putting your guides together… very good resource.

  101. Daniel,

    Thanks for spotting those mistakes and taking the time to comment 🙂

    I completely agree and the performance of the LLLL.com market has exceeded my expectations heading into renewal season (I expected the low end to fall a bit more which it hasn’t).

  102. Great guide..now I have a question hopefully you can asnswer!
    I own a few domains like 1–R.com..what is that type of domain classified as?

  103. My above posting seem to only include one hyphen..the domain is 1(hyphen)(hyphen)R.com Two hyphens after the 1

  104. I wonder if prices will ever go up again *sigh
    Still sitting on 3 quads, 2 of them have repeating letters and I can only cry if I see those prices. Will wait until the economy is booming again, hopefully more people will invest into LLLL then ;o

  105. I have atap.info with pagerank 2 what would be its estimated price ?

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