Renewal Time!

I’m going to keep a list of the best places to register and renew domains on 4 Letter Noob from now on for popular registrars. For now, here are both coupons and great regular prices from some of the top registrars on .com domains. This can be expanded to include all extensions in the future should this be found useful.

Fabulous (Monetization accounts only) – $6.85/$6.85/$6.85 on registration/renewal/transfer

Godaddy (Domain Discount Club) – $6.85/$6.85/$6.85

Godaddy (Executive Accounts) – $7.05/$7.05/$7.05 (if you have 500+ domains with Godaddy, phone them up and ask that they give you an exec account)

Godaddy Coupon: goxtgi200c – $7.05 registrations, Godaddy transfers are $6.99 without coupons

Save 2% more at Godaddy by paying using Good As Gold

Moniker: Email them and request that you be given Namepros member special pricing – $7.44/$7.44/$7.44

NameCheap Transfer Coupon: TRANSCHEAP – $5.99/transfer (including ICANN fee!). You may renew the domain as well for $5.99 during the order process. This coupon has about 2 days left before expiration as of the time of this post.

MyDomain – $6.99/$6.99 when you register or renew 100+ domains. Transfers are $7.99 – $7.41/$7.41/$7.41



~ by Reece on August 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Renewal Time!”

  1. Fabulous mon account: 6.85/6.65/4.95

  2. Thanks for the comment mate 🙂

    I have made my post a bit more clear — the 6.85/8.85/6.85 referring to registration/renewal/transfer respectively.

  3. Here are discount coupons for September:

    LABORDAY: With this coupon code you can register a .com for $7.98

    INTERFACE: With this coupon code you will get $0.93 off.


    SEPTEMBERISHERE: $8.41 renewals

    TRANSCHEAP: Transfer your domain to for just $5.99

    More info here:

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