Short Domain Names Hold Enormous Investment Promise

We all know it — now, let’s help other learn it.  If you can spare 2 minutes, please consider giving my press release a Digg or bookmark : .

As for LLLL.coms, I’m working on a new guide which will be out on Friday. I will say this though in advance — the market appears to have stabilized. Sales from mid-late June taken from TDVR reveal a median sale price of $74, with 95% of sales realizing $26 or more. The sample size was 716 LLLL.coms.

Short Domains


~ by Reece on July 15, 2008.

One Response to “Short Domain Names Hold Enormous Investment Promise”

  1. Nice to hear the good news Reece. I think some smaller players got cold feet these last few months, and thats why we have found some deals. Also, there has been a lot of topics to take investors minds off of domain names as well. (housing, gas, presidential nominations, wild fires, floods, summer vacations, and the Iraq war.)

    Once the economy has stabilized, we have a “good” president in the states, and gas prices have settled. We will have a new breed of domainers coming into the market in November of this year. I am spending every extra dollar I can earn to buy more LLLL’s.

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