Quality > Quantity


I say Quality > Quantity a lot and it’s nice to see TDVR back this up. Behold the past week’s top LLLL.com sales:

fuor.com $10,000.00
viwa.com $4,988.00 
woya.com $4,500.00 
upax.com $4,418.00 
ases.com $4,100.00 
vexo.com $4,080.00 
jisu.com $3,988.00 
goyo.com $3,970.00 
conl.com $3,000.00 
ocal.com $2,550.00 
ssrs.com $2,500.00 
buni.com $2,449.00 
posy.com $2,202.00 
zice.com $2,049.00 
mayu.com $2,001.00 
plvc.com $2,000.00 
amsg.com $1,150.00 
rvrv.com $1,107.00 
ffcs.com $1,062.00 

There have been very few sales compared to usual at the low end lately. It’s safe to say prices are not falling at the moment, however is this due to a lack of supply or an increase in demand? We’ll find out soon enough I’m sure — there’s too many of these critters in the hands of domainers to go all that long without seeing a few sales and liquidations here and there and it will be interesting to see how the low end holds up as we approach renewal season.

Fans of triple premiums rejoice at the strong sales numbers they continue to pull in. Take a look at some recent sales (in addition to the ones already posted above):

mqdc.com – $600.00

tysp.com – $505.00

ezpm.com – $400.00

jmca.com – $351.00

tvth.com – $340.00

ufrr.com – $223.00

pxil.com – $167.50

Where do we go from here now?

It’s always hard to predict the future but I strongly believe an investment in high quality LLLL.coms will significantly outperform an investment in low quality LLL.coms both in the short and long run.

Source: www.LLLL.com


~ by Reece on July 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Quality > Quantity”

  1. So how much then would my IOEK.com, BJCF.com sell for ?

  2. Hey Reece,

    So now we have domainers like myself who are sitting on 200+ llll.com’s scratching our heads. Do we sell all of our lower end llll’s, and put that money into 2 or 3 quad premiums, or do we wait until after November and hold our breath. I understand that quad premiums and pronounceables will increase more with time, but what happens when you have a few hundred people out there looking for llll’s and come November, the drops have slowly dried up. Can you ever see a day when QKZX.com is worth $100? Or should us smaller fish dump all of our single and double premiums now. Most of my names were registered last year around this time and I am now spending $200 a month to keep them. Is this a poor decision on my part or should I upgrade my names to quads?

    The way I see it, as long as my llll’s go up 20 percent a piece every year, I am slowly staying in the green.

    reg average
    Year One $10 $40
    Year Two $20 $80
    Year Three $30 $120
    Year Four $40 $160
    Year Five $50 $200

    Maybe $150 profit in 5 years per average name? I can see this actually being possible on year 5, don’t you?

  3. Hi Jeremy,

    In my opinion someone like you who got in early would be better off selling now even if to only reinvest at a later date. The best time to invest in the low end will likely be after this year’s renewals — still, as long as you don’t mind holding them for awhile I wouldn’t really worry about it either way. Long term I doubt anyone sees the low end going anywhere but up — merely a ROI game trying to guess where the market goes next.

    So to answer your question — I think you’d be better off holding cash for the time being and to consider reinvesting in the October-November timeframe. I don’t see your predicted future prices as unreasonable and I think you’ll do very well for yourself either way if you’re prepared to remain invested in this market for several years.

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