LLLL.coms Are Unique.

They say no two snowflakes are exactly alike. In many ways snowflakes are similar to LLLL.coms. Some LLLL.coms may have similar spelling, receive similar levels of traffic, record similar Wordtracker and overture scores, have similar amounts of Google results, evoke the same reactions and appraisals from other domainers,… But that’s where the similarities end and the differences begin.

As some of you have pointed out, the June Price Guide was much smaller than usual. Yes, there’s a reason for that — I want domainers who have been quoting my guide to start thinking for themselves rather than blindly accepting the minimum values reported in my guide as the maximum values their domain is worth.

That is in fact often not the case.

There is a major revamp in the works which I hope will better elucidate that EVERY LLLL.com is unique. You can’t relate one CVCV sale to another one — it just doesn’t work that way. Just because your domain starts with an X doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell for less than if it started with an A.

Every LLLL.com is Unique… Where do we go from there? Francois recently posted about www.classydomains.com — this is a good example of a LLLL.com website targeting endusers. Endusers don’t care if your name has premium letters, whether it’s a CVCV or VCVC, whether it was registered this year, last year, or 10 years ago… Endusers want a domain for different reasons than you or I might want a domain — it might be the name of their company or that of a new product which they’ll soon be launching, it might be an acronym for something that has meaning to them, … Endusers are as Unique as are LLLL.coms — there really is no guessing what your enduser might want your LLLL.com for or what price they may be willing to pay.

Take a look at Classy Domains — even if targeting domainers, it’s a great site and serves as a great example of how one can target endusers. The logos which Francois designs for each domain prior to listing them on his site adds a layer of class and professionalism to the listings.

Spending a bit of time creating a small website similar to Classy Domains for your LLLL.coms certainly can’t hurt and can only help showcase how unique your LLLL.coms truly are.

If that’s too much work, I hope this post encourages everyone to at least carefully reevaluate their LLLL.com collections if they haven’t done so already. 4 Letter Noob is not the answer to what your LLLL.coms are worth as a seller — 4 Letter Noob has always been from Day 1 a “Buyer’s Guide”. The prices quoted in 4 Letter Noob are prices that would represent a fair to good buy in today’s market, not what one should sell for. A minimum wholesale is just that — a price one could reasonably expect to be willing to pay for an LLLL.com, name unseen. Does that sound like your name? If not, stop pricing it that way!

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~ by Reece on June 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “LLLL.coms Are Unique.”

  1. Thanks for this Reece, Classy Domains is a great site for inspiration for targeting end-users… a great niche, presented nicely for potential customers. Developing domains is not just developing THIS or THAT domain, but also presenting your portfolio beyond a database/html form search…

  2. Shh…don’t tell people this. Otherwise, I can’t take advantage of the “slump” and buy some LLLL.coms at low prices. We need more gloom and doom.

    I’m just kidding, of course.

  3. Thanks for the great site. Looking forward to the next price guide Reece. I have bought well over a 100 domains in the last month

  4. these prices won’t last long. Even in a recession there is money to be made. I’d like to see the housing market hold up to these investments:D

  5. Very true my friend, well said!

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