Short Domains Stealing the Show!

Seen the latest DN Journal sales chart? If not, you really should! Short domains absolutely stole the show and it’s something all short domain investors can take heart in.

There were some notable sales as well this week including:
IART $16,694
VERT $8500
VIGA $4553
SYBO $4088
VOVA $3985
WUDO $3715
HAKU $3659
AREN $3209
JIFA $3200
DUGU $3101
POSY $3100
TDVR $3050 (developed website providing the info 4 Letter Noob often uses)
SEZU $3000
PEBE $3000
ISEC $2605
VOFO $2550
CONU $2250
NBOL $2000
LCAC $1011
CNMI $1262

Sources: DN Journal, Afternic, Snap, Sedo, TDNAM, Namejet, Namepros (sales data collected courtesy of Namepros members).

Source: Short domains


~ by Reece on June 4, 2008.

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