Lower Quality LLLL.coms Falling Further?

That certainly appears to be the case with many drop auction sales barely clearing the $30 mark — keep in mind that these domains come with a full year of registration, whereas names of equivalent quality generally only have 5-6 months left until renewal. Taking that into account, it would be fairly safe to suggest the minimum is now hovering around $30. I would caution paying over the previously quoted $33 minimum on the lowest quality LLLL.coms — the lower end is the most volatile segment and we’re certainly seeing that yet again. My advice would be to look for firsales in the upper $2X range which should be coming to a domain forum near you sometime soon.


Triple premiums and higher quality LLLL.coms are holding fairly strong, prices on quads seem to have regressed yet a bit further (min wholesale ~ $300) — this is only logical as domainers as a whole begin to realize that a quad premium isn’t necessarily worth a huge premium over a quality triple premium and that each domain at these higher quality levels needs to be evaluated on it’s own merit. Certain letters such as the often quoted A, E, and S help, but a garbage quad is a garbage quad — do your research and don’t accept “It’s a quad premium” as justification for why you should pay a considerable premium over triple premium prices for this quad. Oftentimes you may find a triple premium + U or W is actually a considerably better deal when you factor in the upfront cost savings.

Source: LLLL.com domains


~ by Reece on May 27, 2008.

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