No Commission, No Listing Fees, Now No Membership Fees

BQB just keeps on becoming a sweeter and sweeter deal with the announcement that there will be no membership fees, on top of no commission, and no listing fees for standard listings… How much better could it get! 😉

If you’ve been a 4 Letter Noob reader for awhile, you’ve no doubt heard me mention BQB in the past — well, it’s finally here! BQB already has 186 quality members and we’re looking to add some more.

We’ve had almost 150 sales on BQB already since our first sale on May 3rd — things are really picking up and we’re now getting one third the traffic that Afternic receives (according to Alexa). It took all of 10 days for BQB to go from unknown to Top 100k on Alexa and we’re quickly making our way towards the Top 50k where we’ll be in a better position to compete with the bigger players in this industry. How can we be achieving such results with only 186 members you ask? Simple, our members are the pinnacle of quality. Most of the top domain bloggers and short domain name investors have 1 thing in common — membership on BQB. The names that dominate the drop auctions on LLLL.coms have also found BQB.

If you’ve been thinking about applying for membership, just do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you have an established reputation on Namepros, DNF, or another domaining board, forward me that info and I’ll make sure you’re approved immediately.

You see, we’re doing things differently on BQB… We’re all tired of non-paying buyers, sellers who opt not to deliver the domains their buyers legitimately won, scammers doing chargebacks, etc. The short solution — we don’t give them the chance to hurt our member base. We focus on maintaining a quality member base and it’s worked for us so far — not a single unhappy buyer/seller. Our goal is to become the “uBid” of the domain name industry — focus on making sure transactions go through both quickly and smoothly.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’re welcome to fill out an application form here: . We’re not looking for newer domainers and as previously mentioned, we are looking for members with established reputations, but if you’re new and willing to sell yourself on why we should take you on as a member, by all means do.



~ by Reece on May 19, 2008.

One Response to “No Commission, No Listing Fees, Now No Membership Fees”

  1. Wow great job, I will register immadiately

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