New Price Guide almost ready for release…

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for the major delay in the release of the May price guide. This week has been…

Frankly, I don’t know what to call a week where you sell 40k plus worth of domains, making a 5 figure profit in the process and still aren’t satisfied because so much you intended on getting done just keeps on falling behind. Ironic, perhaps?

BQB has been coming along better than I could ever have expected this early in it’s release, I’ve been given the moderator position of the Short Domains forum on Namepros, and I have so many people wanting me to broker and purchase their domains lately that I could quite literally make a living just off reading my email… It’s great, yet disappointing at the same time when you aren’t finding the time to get other things done — like sleep or even enjoy life for that matter when you’re being called on 24/7. I might have to get myself a secretary, because this is getting ridiculous and I want to get a 4 Letter Noob update out soon…

Anyway, thanks for sticking by me guys, I really appreciate not having a lot of “Hurry the $%^& up comments” and I hope to have it done within 1-2 days.


~ by Reece on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “New Price Guide almost ready for release…”

  1. Thanks, I actually check every now and then waiting for the new price update 😉
    Look forward to the list!

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