New Price Guide will be out May 9th.

My apologies for the delay —, my no commission domain name marketplace has received a ton of exposure over the last day thanks to some great bloggers like Michael Goldman of Domain Magnate and Richard from Quad Letter Domains and it’s caused me to delay the price guide by a day as I make sure everyone asking questions and submitting applications gets answers and approvals. Lorenzo from has also graciously offered his support. I must also thank everyone over at Namepros helping “spread the word” by listing BQB in their sigs.

Thanks everyone! Your support is greatly appreciated! 🙂


~ by Reece on May 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “New Price Guide will be out May 9th.”

  1. Eagerly anticipated as always!

    Rich 😎

  2. Hey Reece,

    It’s the 12th already and still no price guide? I hope everything’s fine on the personal front.

  3. I cant find it? is it really out?

  4. I am biting my nails and anticipating an upward trend this time.

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