DATO.com NO RESERVE on Sedo!

Interested? Place a bid on Sedo . DATO.com is without a doubt the strongest 4 letter .com I’ve ever had the privilege of owning. Michael Goldman, author of  Domain Magnate brokered the purchase for me and is a 50% stakeholder in the domain, as am I.  LLLL.coms have been really good to us both over the last year and I can only hope they continue to be in this auction which we’ve listed at no reserve and considerably under what our acquisition costs were. We’re confident in the LLLL.com domainer market and in Sedo’s ability to produce outstanding results on uber-premium LLLL.coms like DATO.

Wish us luck! 🙂

The Sedo description follows below for anyone who’d like to read a bit more about DATO:

DATO means Data in Spanish, but to the hundreds of possible endusers around the world, DATO is so much more than a Spanish dictionary word. Can you say 80 million + Google results? How about literally hundreds of daily Wordtracker results which include the word “dato” in them?

DataRecovery.com recently sold for $1.7 MILLION dollars! Spanish is the MOST POPULAR foreign language in the United States and ranks THIRD Worldwide in Internet users.

We ask you this… What would Data.com go for? Pause. Think about that for a sec…
Then tell me how Dato.com isn’t one of not only the greatest spanish generics auctioned this year, but one of the greatest generics period. Worldwide Internet penetration continues to increase… This is a domain which will forever have value, forever be recognize as a Tier 1 Spanish domain, and continue to increase in value for many, many years to come.

Need I really say more? If I haven’t sold you on DATO yet, I don’t think you’ve been listening — or you clearly don’t understand THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY IN THIS CENTURY, which is premium foreign language domain names.

DATO is an incredibly strong CVCV that flows off the tongue like any True CVCV should. DATO is being offered to you with NO RESERVE. In short, this domain WILL SELL, regardless of what’s offered. Arguably The Strongest CVCV offered on Sedo EVER.

Compare this to VINO (wine in Italian) which received offers of $60,000 and DID NOT MEET THE RESERVE. We’re giving you a once in a lifetime chance to pick up a Tier 1 premium for pennies on the dollar… There might never be an opportunity like this again!

Compare to domains like:

POPA.com sold on Sedo $15000+
ZOYO.om sold on Sedo 6000EUR ($9000+)

… and I think you’ll feel as confident as me in saying that this is a 6 figure domain any day of the week to a Spanish enduser.


~ by Reece on May 6, 2008.

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