Selling Some Very Rare LLLL.coms

Last time I offered LLLL.coms for sale on 4 Letter Noob (back in January), the response was overwhelming, with over $15,000 in completed sales courtesy of readers. This time the domains up for auction are very exclusive triple letter LLLL.coms. Hope you find something you like! If you have something similar to what’s being listed for sale (must still be a triple letter), please feel free to send me an email to: reece (at) . I’ll do my best to get back to you with an answer within 48 hours. For convenience, please list the lowest price you’d be willing to part with. I don’t haggle — it’ll be strictly yes/no.

All Prices are 100% Firm. Prices valid until May 07, 2008.

Payment method: (split fees)

Under $1000
PQPP $600 (2009 Godaddy)
UQUU $900 (2009 Godaddy)
CCCY $900 (2009 Godaddy)

FHFF $1000 (2009 Godaddy)
LLLX $1000 (2010 Godaddy)
BHHH $1400 (2011
FFPP $1400 (7/2008 Enom)
PLLP $1400 (12/2008 Enom)
QIII $1400 (11/2008 Fabulous)
QQQS $1400 (2010 Godaddy)

DRRR $1600 (2009 Fabulous)
GGGD $1600 (2010 ItsYourDomain)
TTTB $1600 (2009 Godaddy)
BBBP $1800 (2009 Enom)
MMMP $1800 (2009 Godaddy)

Over $2000
FFFO $2000 (2010
OOLL $2000 (Godaddy)
UOOO $2000 (2009 Fabulous)
DDDO $2700 (6/2008 DomainDiscover)
FAAA $3200 (2009 Godaddy)
LLLT $4000 (2010 ItsYourDomain)
IIIT $4000 (2009 ItsYourDomain)

To make a purchase, please post a message on this thread.

Alternatively, feel free to send me an email to: reece (at) and we’ll setup an escrow from there.


~ by Reece on April 29, 2008.

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