Want another reason to stick to LLLL.coms instead of shorter domains? If corrupt corporations manage to reverse hijack your domain, you aren’t out $1M…

Michael Goldman from Domain Magnate has more on this.

To see community response (and utter outrage!), see Namepros.

I’m terribly saddened to see this happen and this does set a dangerous precedent for other valuable short domains (such as CVCVs). Filing a complaint is often cheaper than purchasing the domain and that’s what we see happen here…

Source: LH.com STOLEN


~ by Reece on April 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “LH.com STOLEN”

  1. Thanks for informing us about this. I do have to say the link to Domain Magnate doesn’t work in my browser, due to the “http://” being missing from the link, but I was able to read it anyway.

    It makes me scared to even list my domain names publicly.

  2. This is not good for the domaining market at all! This could either make or break large scale domaining history. But from what whois is telling me… LH.com is still in FMA Inc’s hands. So maybe it isn’t over yet with the lawsuit that is coming into play and everything.

  3. Hi Destina,

    Thanks for alerting me to that — problem fixed 🙂

    As you and Ty have both elucidated ever so well, this is downright terrifying. Long term, we can expect this to happen to LLLL.coms as well if this precedent goes unchallenged. We’ll have to wait and see what materializes from the lawsuit launched against Lufthansa, but in the meantime, it may be wise to be very careful who you offer your more expensive LLLL.coms to.

    CVCVs already often fetch far more than it costs to file a UDRP complaint, so we can only expect UDRPs to slowly become increasingly more common in the 4 letter .com space — first with CVCVs, then eventually VCVCs, pronounceables, …

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