New Price Guide is Out!

While CVCVs continue to appreciate (largely on the low end), the rest of the upper end market has stabilized over the last couple weeks, posting unnoticeable gains in the pronounceable sector and a small loss on the quad premium front. The lower end market continues to struggle, however the largest fall this time was not at the very bottom, but at the 25th through 50th percentiles (representing double premiums and mainly lower quality triple premiums). Triple premiums as a whole saw noticeable declines with the only real winner in the triple premium bunch coming out this time being the letter “W”. I’ll be coming out with a letter quality guide later this week to better help determine what LLLL.coms are worth beyond the general factors mentioned in this guide. 

The next update (on May 8th) will see a new security measure put into place — rolling 30 day averages (excluding the highest 10% of reported sales to prevent data skewing) and 30 day median prices across the different percentiles covered. This should reduce the impact a few bad days can have on reported data,  as well as significantly decrease the likelihood that a big buyer could manipulate the prices 4 Letter Noob reports by buying out a particular market or forcing people to pay a certain artificially created price.


~ by Reece on April 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Price Guide is Out!”

  1. Looks quite good – no *major* gains or losses, so that’s good to see. 🙂

  2. Sure does Tristan 🙂

    It’ll be great when behavior from 1 week to the next is relatively predictable like we see today with LLL.coms.

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