April 2008 LLLL.com Price Guide is Out!

It’s bigger, bolder, and goes where no 4 Letter Noob Price Guide has gone before!

CVCVs and VCVCs are finally included in the price guide with reported sales included near the end. I’ll try and gather more info on CVCVs/VCVCs over the next few weeks and hopefully have suggestions on valuations for the May release. The May release will also feature documentation of CVVC, VCCV, and other pronounceables which have been noticeably absent from documentation since 4 Letter Noob began in November.

April is off to a great start for pronounceables, with prices greatly exceeding anything we’ve ever seen before. The 90th percentile almost broke the $1000 mark — an incredible rise from the $556 reported at this percentile all of 2 weeks ago. But, as impressive as a 79% increase in value over the last 2 weeks may be, the real winner this week was over at the 75th percentile where prices increased a whopping 154% to $388, marking the largest gain the 75th percentile has ever seen. Around the median, we saw a very respectable 27% increase, a welcomed change from what we’ve seen lately… Even the 25th percentile wasn’t too bad, remaining flat at $61.

As many of you have observed and commented on, the bottom quartile continue to struggle with both the 10th percentile and minimum wholesale falling a further 18%. Snapnames has had some particularly weak LLLL.com sales lately, however Snapnames aside, the minimum wholesale appears to be around $37, a shock from the mid 50s reported by 4LN roughly 6 weeks ago.

To better help determine the value of your LLLL.coms, I’ve once again included lots of real sales which occurred in the last couple weeks. Don’t thank me — thank Antonio over at TDVR.com . The guide is once again only possible thanks to his hard work, with about 95% of sales data being derived (and subsequently double checked for errors by me) from there.

Part 2 of the April LLLL.com Price Guide is unfortunately going to be delayed until the next LLLL.com Price Guide is released on April 18th. It will hopefully help newer domainers better understand the domain name market by explaining most of what’s covered here and the basics not covered here in greater detail. If you’re new here, please take a look at: An Intro to Investing in Domain Names to get a better feel for what’ll be coming your way soon.

Until then, I leave you with the new LLLL.com Price Guide. 🙂


~ by Reece on April 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “April 2008 LLLL.com Price Guide is Out!”

  1. Amazing news for all of us high end LLLL owners.

  2. Thanks Reece

    For all your hard work. Your price guide and summaries have helped me to sort out my LLLL domains and kept me and all other domainers in the know.

    Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know I was reading this blog religiously.

    Keep it up

  3. Chapel, you’re most welcome and I greatly appreciate your support 🙂

    The 4 letter market is definitely one of the hardest markets (aside from generics) to get a good handle on prices. Two and three letters dotcoms have a fairly established price range, but where other than LLLL.coms can you see some names go for under $40 and others go for $40,000? It’s a great market to be invested in and a great time to consider making an investment.

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