Curious what BQB will look like?

 You can view the site at already, however it’s still in the very early development stage and won’t be released until late April to a select few Namepros members who’ll help in testing out the auction site and making sure it’s ready for everyone. ETA is mid-late May. As discussed in late February, it will be a no commission marketplace subsidized by an annual membership fee of $99 and a bit of advertising (which will hopefully pay for my own advertising). My goal with this is to not only provide a commission-free alternative, but to also provide a marketplace which doesn’t discriminate against sellers because they sell expensive or large amounts of domains. The flat annual membership fee is good whether people choose to sell 1 domain or 10000. Anyone interested is welcome to drop me an email: reece (at) and I’ll keep you up to date on how development is progressing. Alternatively, you’re welcome to communicate with me on Namepros or DNF (username: Reece).

The April 2008 Price Guide will be released on April 5th, so please make sure to check back then for the latest scoop on prices, news, and investment advice. 


~ by Reece on April 2, 2008.

12 Responses to “Curious what BQB will look like?”

  1. Oh yeah!

    I like the feel of the site. Its Web 2.0 also!

  2. I would lose the no bullshit part of the slogan

  3. That’s the second complaint on the no bullshit 😦

    I’ll change it if too many people find it offensive, but tbh I like it myself and feel it adds a bit to the character of the BQB marketplace. I’m not a potty mouth by any means, but I do strongly believe what we’ve been putting up with on the domain name auction/marketplace scene lately cannot be described by a better adjective than the word BULLSHIT.

    From huge commissions sometimes as high as 20%, to contracts which limit your ability to sell YOUR domain. Ain’t that a bit backwards? It’s your domain, how can anyone be telling you what to do with it, especially months — or years after the auction which failed to sell your domain?

    Most of the adjectives that come to mind for what we’ve all been putting with lately are whole lot worse than this one… I’m fed up, plain and simple — and so are alot of people by the looks of it (see Namepros Domain Discussion).

  4. I love the “Bullshit” part of it, in fact it really caught my eye!
    The world is full of “sheeps” and we need some action.
    Count me in for the testing if needed.

    **Great looking**


  5. Thanks Bruno! 🙂

    I’d be happy to include you in the testing phase. Will send you more details as development wraps up and BQB gets closer to launch time.

  6. I wish you all the luck with BQB, Reece. However, may I ask who did the design?
    As for the bullshit part, it’s okay I guess 🙂

  7. Looks nice Reece! I’d be happy to help out with testing it, although I’m not sure how active I’ll be due to time constraints (although I’d do my best for sure :-))

    Looking at the categories then, is this site only for .com (to begin with?)?

  8. Hi dmion,

    The site was designed by . The BQB logo was designed by and is the overall template for the site design. It costs about $200 for the PHP Pro Bid bare script which runs the auction site, another $800 for the custom design, and I paid $599 for a platinum package from Logoworks which got me 10 logo templates and 5 designers working on them.

  9. Thanks Tristan 🙂

    I’d be happy to have you aboard as a tester (will send you some more info as the development wraps up near mid-April).

    For now BQB is going to be .com only. Looking at Sedo, it seems about 80-90% of what’s selling is .com, so I think that’s a good place to start. I also want to make sure we don’t run into the same problem as eBay (people doing small dollar transactions with in example .infos only to boost their feedback score on BQB).

  10. Hey Reece, looks like a cool idea, drop me a message I’d be happy to help with testing 🙂

  11. Thanks Michael 🙂

    Will send you a message inside of a couple weeks when I think it’s useable enough for testing.

  12. I would change the no bullshit part to just ‘no bull’ just as good and doesn’t stop you losing some potential clients and doesn’t stuff up your motto

    Regards from Josh (raredn)

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