New Price Guide is Out!

Well it took a bit longer than I had hoped to get this out, but the wait was worth it, I’ll promise you that much!Β The new price guide is filled with data to help better price your LLLL.coms, all thanks to Antonio at πŸ™‚

Quality LLLL.coms are worth their weight in gold and soared this week to record highs while the low end continues to stagnate, decreasing an average of 7%. Because of the huge difference beginning to materialize between ordinary quad premium LLLL.coms and higher quality, aged, high traffic/frequency, brandable, pronounceable, etc LLLL.coms, every single sale has been noted in the quad premium section of the mid-March 2008 price guide to better assist you in determining the current value of your quads. While the worst quads have fallen a whopping 14% since the last update, prices on higher quality quads and pronounceables has been so great that on average the 90th percentile is up a whopping 39% — one of the largest bi-weekly gains in this segment since the buyout!

Additional data is provided on how to evaluate your quad premium LLLL.coms, including some of the most accurate information on the market about how to value quads containing certain letters, thanks to a joint effort between me and Phil (VURG on Namepros + DNF). Having all the sales data, I passed it over to Phil and he used his statistical genius to determine which letters are on average strongest. This info is provided in the quad premium section (midway through the guide), although it applies to all LLLL.coms on the market.

More goodies hidden inside, be sure to take a peek:


~ by Reece on March 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “New Price Guide is Out!”

  1. Nice work Reece! πŸ™‚

    And the growth in the upper segments is great to see (I can’t believe that $300 quad premium sale – it had double letters, too!) Anywhoo, I’m hoping that this growth will instil some confidence into the market overall and stop the price depreciation we’ve been seeing in the lower segments.

  2. Thanks Tristan!

    I really have to start following the auctions + forums more closely… Seems like there’s at least a couple absolute *steals* each week.

    I really don’t see LLLL.coms falling back under $40 — except maybe EuroDNS/NetSol regs πŸ˜‰

    I’m sure a month from now we’ll all be kicking ourselves for not buying more at what’s turned out to be the best prices on lower quality LLLL.coms since January.

  3. Thx Reece!
    Now that the scamming action as somehow calmed down a bit and a few loose ends have been tightened, I guess we’re ready for another price jump.
    I might be wrong but I’m seeing less sales out there, and imho this is not a reason for prices to fall, but instead a fall in supply as most portfolios are adjusted now.

    .Asia landed, Quad .nets are gone,’s are gone, L-L-L.coms are history so… of we go now!

  4. You’re welcome Bruno.

    After the small hiccup in late December – early January, prices rose the fastest we had seen since buyout. Not saying that history will repeat itself here, but you know how domainers get a little crazy when they think there’s a gold rush going on πŸ˜‰

  5. A feel a gold rush coming on for this auction tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

    Man, what if sells! πŸ˜€

  6. Typos 😦

    I meant to say “I feel a gold…” lol

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