Live Auction on Namepros

Ty Maier, a long time supporter and investor in short domains is bringing his real world auction experience to Namepros this Saturday in what promises to be the first big live auction exclusively for LLLL.coms. The auction appears to be destined for success with a number of lots containing quad premiums, triple letters, pronounceables, and a few LLLL.coms and LLLL.nets that’ll be easier on the wallet.

The auction will be held on Saturday March 22nd at 3PM EST.

To view what’s up for auction, please see:

I unfortunately won’t be able to attend the live auction but do wish everyone that takes part in it the best of luck!


~ by Reece on March 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Live Auction on Namepros”

  1. Thanks for the comments Reece. 🙂

    I am expecting a big turnout. I can’t wait for this. It will be a great event!

    Ty Maier

  2. just sold for $25,211.00. I figured that there would have been a few more end users bidding that one up. I think the selling price was a steal for the winning bidder considering how many different uses this word has. 27million google results is impressive as well.

  3. What a great name that one is…

    I would have loved to have placed a bid on it, but unfortunately don’t leave 25k uninvested in my bank account for the rare occasions like this when a deal presents iteself. 😦

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