Price Guide is out

What a week… Or should I say what the hell has happened lately 😦

A warning before you look at the guide: All that red you’re going to see everywhere… It’s really not as bad as it might seem at first. Prices between the 10th and 50th percentile basically didn’t budge at all, with the small losses between the 10th and 25th percentiles being wiped out entirely by the modest gain at the median. The minimum wholesale saw a small loss as domainers reassess their position, consider their tolerance for risk, and worry about whether they’ll be scammed on their next trade… New extensions and investment opportunities such as .asia,, and NNNNN.coms continue to drain funds out of what very likely would have ended up going into LLLL.coms. Until this ceases, expect modest gains at best.

Losses were more severe at the 75th percentile and above… Double digit losses mean alot of unhappy flippers. Many of you saw a decrease in prices at the quad premium level coming with all the quad premiums selling for ~ $400 lately… That proved true. I have alot of faith in this upper segment and expect to see it recover and post large gains in the coming weeks.



~ by Reece on March 6, 2008.

16 Responses to “Price Guide is out”

  1. Not as bad as it seems 🙂 prices have come a long way in a short amount of time. They’ve appreciated quicker than LLL.coms (probably) did. This is still pretty good news – a small hiccup stills doesn’t hide the fact that prices are going up up up and away! 😉

  2. Totally agree Tristan 🙂

    When we consider how poorly much of the domain name market has been performing over the last couple of months, I’d say that what we’ve seen with LLLL.coms over that same timeline is nothing short of extraordinary.

    We had a small hiccup much through mid December through the beginning of January and remember what happened after that? They soared as much as post-buyout.. This temporary “price freeze” will hopefully allow some new investors to come aboard and perhaps eliminate some of the weaker hands.

  3. Win some, lose some.

    At least my portfolio is doing better than my AAPL portfolio. 😀

  4. My thoughts exactly Ty 🙂

    Doing alot better than Google too! I’m just glad I’m out of that mess we call the stock market… Really glad I didn’t invest in Apple like I was really thinking about doing too.

  5. I bought Apple at $78 so it’s not too bad. My only regret is not selling at $200! 🙂

  6. Nice!

    I really wanted to buy in back when I first heard about them being able to run the Windows OS without virtualization… I was sure it was going to go up and by golly did it ever!

    I really like Apple and might put some money in it at this point… I can’t see it staying where it is now once this “doom and gloom” about the markets is over.

  7. Hey Noobs!!

    I think this is a huge topic that might be interesting to all llll buyers.

    56000+ 4-letter dot nets were bought up this week. This is 26% of the total that were available just a week before. If this doesn’t help speed up the buying process, I don’t know what will. If this huge buying keeps up, the dot nets will be gone by the end of the year, and our dot coms will benefit immensely.

  8. Where did you get this figure?

  9. Hey Jeremy,

    I definitely wish this was true… although I’m scanning the domains ever other day (at least) and haven’t seen any evidence of this? 🙂 Where did you see/hear about this?

    Although if it is even a bit true, it’d be great news for .com.

    Tristan Perry

  10. Per the last comment:

    2 different sites are posting different sets up numbers for the llll.nets. I am assuming the 56,000 bought this week is an error. One site says 157,519, and the other says 212,115.

    Sorry if the first number was wrong.

  11. Where did you see that 56000+ registrations?

  12. yeah thats funny? does anyone else know of this extreme buyout?

  13. Man! You got me all hyped up! I was about to contact every large portfolio owner I knew of and buy them out. 😀

  14. I thought the number seemed high (regs seemed to be about 500 a day from what I remember lately). Alot of the mega-bulk whois checking programs aren’t all that accurate. Best way I’ve seen to count remaining LLLL’s is the old fashioned scan all 457k using bulk registration tools available at Godaddy, Moniker, Dynadot,… It takes forever though 😦

  15. Sorry to get everyone all worked up. I checked the same set of letters today and it gave me the right number. For some reason there were 56,000 missing from the scan yesterday, but now all the sudden they are correct. I was freaking out just like the rest of the guys on this page. I actually bought more because of it….haha.

  16. No problem Jeremy 🙂 The answer to what caused this is posted up in NamePros’ countdown thread.

    Basically Zoki’s website was uploading my most recent list and it stopped at around 156k domains. However my website ( shows the correct figure (as at 11th March). 🙂

    Plus your hype did get everyone regging more – so well done!

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