What $1500/month gets you in a server

  • Quad processor Quad Core Intel 7320 (16x 2.13ghz, 16x 4mb cache)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 4x 300GB SA-SCSI 15K RPM RAID 10 configuration
  • 1000mbps Public and Private Networks
  • Cisco ASA – 1000Mbps Hardware Firewall
  • Redundant Power Supplies

Just ordered from SoftLayer, and I gotta say, am I ever impressed with their level of service! I ordered the server at about 10:20 CST this morning and within 15 minutes they phoned me up and asked if I had ordered a server through them. I told them yes, they asked for the last 4 digits of my credit card and that was that. They then told me that my new server would be online inside of 2 hours! Pretty amazing considering just about nothing in my server other than the processor is a standard configuration.

If anyone is looking for a quality web host, I highly recommend going with SoftLayer. I spent the last couple weeks researching this and I heard alot of good reviews about SoftLayer. Two of the most important elements for me was the ability to have redundant power supplies and RAID 10. A website allowing members to auction domain names can’t be going offline when there’s a power outage… Likewise, a defective hard drive bringing down the whole site is so not on 😉

 With the current configuration, at least 2 hard drives would have to fail, and most likely 3 before a site would have to be restored from backup. With defective hard drives promised replacement (at no charge) within 4 hours, I can rest peacefully knowing my data will always be safe (MTBF of an SCSI drive is 100+ years).  True redundant power doesn’t come cheap.. I highly recommend anyone ask their hosting company what kind of redundant power they’re claiming to provide… Redundant power can be redundant with many different levels of redundancy… High end options like SoftLayer provides on their flagship model (which I now proudly own) have your server receiving power supplies from 2 different generators. Cheaper options may provide electricity coming from merely 2 different UPS (eg. your server will go offline if the generator’s power is cut off).

For anyone looking for a server solution, I highly recommend SoftLayer. They have servers starting from just over $100 and have many options to upgrade both now, and in the future as new components come out and as your needs change. They have a promotion going on to get double your HDD and RAM for free (enter promo code: BADA).

Link: www.softlayer.com (not an affiliate link). 


~ by Reece on March 1, 2008.

11 Responses to “What $1500/month gets you in a server”

  1. Can’t wait to see what BQB has in store for us Reece. Also, congrats on turning your small “noob” blog into a PR4 empire in merely 4 months. Let me know when you need a BQB banner…….hehe.

  2. Thanks Jeremy! 🙂

    I was pretty surprised when Rich from Quad Letter Domains pmed me and told me 4 Letter Noob was a PR 4 a few weeks back lol.

    Goes to show that plenty of people out there are interested in 4 letter names I guess 😉

  3. Awesome setup you have there Reece! I wish I had the cash to afford a server like that!
    Good luck with BQB and… Count me in!

  4. Hi Reece,
    this John from zellers, when can i meet u so that u can put me thr this biz. thanks john

  5. My goodness!!! Talk about hosting, that is porterhouse of hosting! Nice Reece!

  6. Wow, that hosting set-up is…. just… wow! So you fully expected BQB.com to be *very* popular *very* quickly? 🙂

    Sounds good to me! But wow, $1.5k per month? Are you sure you’ll need all of that right away?

  7. Probably not Tristan, although I have enough reserved capital to run the site for well over a year even with zero members, so I’m not too worried.

    The cheapest configurations with 4x SA-SCSI hard drives + redundant power supplies were going to cost about $800-$900/month, so I figured what the hell, might as well future proof the beast now 🙂

  8. Reece,
    Hehe, nice comments! Well if BQB.com delivers on its promises, it should grow pretty quickly.

    I for one would pay $99 per year for an alternative to the awful Sedo, and I think that others would as well.

    I know it’s very trivial, although do you get managed services and/or CPanel/WHM as well?

  9. I’m running RHEL 5 (64 bit) for an OS and am actually doing some googling at the moment to see what would be the best control panel to go with. This is my first dedicated server in a 64 bit environment so I’m afraid I have a bit of learning cut out for me 🙂

  10. Ah right, fair enough 🙂

    I’ve always loved stuff to do with hosting, and am jealous as heck of your new, shiny, $1.5k p/m set-up! Hehe 😛

  11. Reece,

    I’ve had a server with these guys for over 4 months now and they are one good hosting company. The $3 support ticket will add up fast but it gets done fast.

    Looking forward to your market place. Keep us posted.


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