New Price Guide will hopefully Out later today

My apologies for the delay… The quantity of data I’m analyzing for this new price guide is simply mindboggling.

 I’m taking every single reported sale that’s happened since November 2nd and breaking them down by category (anti-premium, double premium [0,1,2 semis], triple premium [0,1 semi], quad premium, triple letter, vcvc, cvcv, cvvc, vccv, repeat letters, double letter [not repeating]), starting and ending letter, assigning a value to pronounceability (if possible to pronounce in english), as well as everything already covered at TDVR (like sale prices, date of sale, venue, and of course the name itself).

The excel file will be provided (once complete) for free to everyone so that everyone can manipulate the data and draw their own conclusions.


~ by Reece on February 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “New Price Guide will hopefully Out later today”

  1. Your work is very appreciated !

    Good luck an think about sleeping though !


  2. That is 100% alright! You take your time. This stuff is worth paying for. You are truly appreciated bud.

    -Ty Maier

  3. Can’t wait !! I know how tedious excel spreadsheets can be when you are compiling hundreds of thousands of pieces of data. Drink a beer and don’t get stressed out…….hehe!!

  4. Looking forward to it Reece!

  5. I am really looking forward to the guide the only thing that scares me is when price guides start coming out for a market the fad usually fades. I guarantee this market will not fade. God makes more people but he doesn’t make any more .coms

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