Targeting Endusers and Domainers Alike with the same

We often think of domainers and enduser as polar opposites, but they really need not be so. Lately, I’ve seen a very strategic type of offer/counter-offer play being made on quad premium and higher quality LLLL.coms…

As many of you know, quad premiums, CVCVs, VCVCs, and pronounceables literally beg for an enduser who’ll be a good home to this name… So what’s the best way at Sedo to go about hunting for an enduser without:

a) Scaring away “good offers” that you’d happily accept

b) Scaring away domainers who might be willing to pay a reasonable premium over the going rate

 The answer turns out to be incredibly simple.. Start with a high asking price and progressively reduce it. While you might not know your potential buyer at Sedo, you can be reasonably sure that they’ll appreciate what they consider a bargain, regardless of whether they’re an enduser or a domainer.

Getting to the inner workings of this scheme… Take my in example. If I get an offer at Sedo on it, I’m going to counter with $10,000 USD. This is a very reasonable sum for an enduser and not outside what similar names (example: sold for $15,000 in August 07) have sold for to endusers in the past… But I’d be more than happy to get 5-6k for it, so guess what I’ll do? I’ll counter at $10k initially, wait 3-4 days, counter again for $8k, then wait a couple more days and do a final counter for $5k-$6k. Want to make this perhaps even more effective? Make up a reason why you’re willing to give this discount — just don’t make it look like you need this sale.

Something along the lines of:

Dear Sir,

 Thank you for your offer of _____ on . Your request to purchase is a popular one! Before negotiating further, we felt it was necessary to provide background information into why is worthy of your investment and time.

 Faaa is a popular commune in Tahiti, one of the world’s most popular tourist resorts. Faaa is home to over 30,000 inhabitants and sports among other amenities, it’s very own airport. <add in some more details here>

FAAA also happens to be a very common acronym for both commerical, non-profit, and government organizations as well. Some examples include:

Flight Attendants Association of Australia
Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology
Fleet Air Arm Association
Federal Aviation Administration Authorization
Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance
Fine Arts Association of Arizona
Florissant Area Athletic Association
Findlay Area Apartment Association
Florida Anesthesia Administrators Association
Final Acquisition Approval Authority (US government)
Family Assistance Administration Act
First Allied Airborne Army
Fairfax Area Agency on Aging
First Allied Airborne Association
Financial Administration and Audit Act
Florida Association of Area Agencies
Fellow American Academy of Audiology
Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Alliance
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Alliance
Federal Aviation Administration Academy
Federal Alcohol Administration Act
Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations
For the Administration and Audit
Financial Administration Audit Act
Federal Aviation Administration Act
Federation of Australian Alumni Associations
Florida Aviation and Aerospace Alliance
Fellows of the American Academy of Audiology
Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists
Friends of African American Arts
Finance Administration and Audit Act
French Artistic Action Association
Federation for American Afghan Action
Financial and Administration and Audit Act
Federation of Aligarh Alumni Association

 As you can see, this domain name is very much in demand and would perfectly suit any of the organizations mentioned above. Due to the large number of parties whom we’re currently soliciting offers from, we feel a minimum price of $8000 would be necessary for us to consider selling before entertaining other offers. We’d be happy to keep you informed on how negotiations with these other parties are going and would welcome any higher offer from you in the future.

Thank you very much for your interest and we hope to hear back soon.

That took me about an hour to come up with this morning, so I hope you enjoyed it! 😉 It was very carefully written and experienced domainers fluent in English may notice my choice of words here… Try to sound authoritative and professional — Be polite, but to the point. You’re not trying to become their friend — you’re trying to sell them on why your name is worth as much as possible. Leaving in the possibility about keeping them informed in the future pretty much invites the possibility of sending them a lower price offer a few days down the road… You can use this time to try and determine whether your buyer is an enduser or a domainer and attempt to set your counter-offer accordingly. This strategy applies not only to Sedo, but can be used effectively with offers made via whois, as well as at other domain name marketplaces.

Source: Targeting Endusers and Domainers Alike with the same


~ by Reece on February 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Targeting Endusers and Domainers Alike with the same”

  1. Some really interesting sound advice. THANKS

  2. Hey Reece,

    I have an updated banner for you if you want to post it on your main page. Something a little flashier than the wordpress standard banner. Let me know, I’ll email it to you. Thought I would throw my computer graphics your way.

  3. Hi Jeremy!

    That’s very kind of you to go to that trouble and greatly appreciated 🙂

    My email is dlberg(at)

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