Quad Premium LLLL.nets are GONE!

It seems that .net is following in Big Brother’s (.coms’s) footsteps. First we saw all the quad premiums + A (A was the first starting letter to run out completely in .com) vanish and then all of the sudden investors everywhere started having a quad premium LLLL.net addiction like all of us here have with LLLL.coms!

As the creator of the recently incredibly popular LLLL.net Countdown thread , I felt that it was my responsibility to complete the buyout and complete it I did, registering the final 577 quad premium LLLL.nets and later picking up the large majority of drops. This blog is called 4 Letter Noob — not 4 Letter Dot Com, and sometimes some of us (myself included) forget that there are many other markets out there… ROI is the name of the game here… Having bought them for $6.20 at Godaddy, I’d realize a 200% gain flipping them for $20. In how long will that be achievable? Well, judging by how quickly the quad premiums ran out, it’s anybody’s guess! All I can say is this though: Whatever profits are made from LLLL.nets are being reinvested in LLLL.coms 😉

 While there may be no quad premiums left, there are still many lesser gems, including some which will no doubt dwarf the premiums in value in the future. Now’s the perfect time to get that special name you want before they’re all gone… Talk is already beginning on the subject of triple premium LLLL.nets and while I certainly do not feel the time is right for an investment in them, if you’re willing to hold them a few years and are eyeing this for the future, I wish you all the best!

Source: Quad Premium LLLL.nets are GONE!


~ by Reece on February 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Quad Premium LLLL.nets are GONE!”

  1. Glad to see you helping out with finishing off the LLLL.net quad premiums!

    I myself bought 100 of them a few hours before the buy-out (a large investment for me). I think they’ll pay off. As you say, even a $20 flip would be a 200% gain 🙂 Also, it does seem as though all LLLL.nets will be gone before the year end (20k registered last month; 210k LLLL.nets left). Hence I think that the price of these quad premiums will be worth more than $20 each by the time these need to be renewed again 🙂

  2. Hello Reece,

    I too, have been picking up some .nets slowly this year. I was wondering if there is a site like dyyo that shows how many are remaining. Everyone keeps throwing out these figures of how many are left and I’m curious as to how many are bought day by day.

    Oh, by the way…………nice banner !!

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