The New Price Guide is Out!

Prices are up in every market segment — from anti-premiums to quad premiums… More importantly perhaps, each segment experienced double digit growth — over the last week! Prices are continuing to appreciate rapidly on all LLLL.coms as investors and endusers alike realize that an still is the least expensive professional solution out there for their business or investment needs.

I’ll let the prices do the talking: .


~ by Reece on February 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “The New Price Guide is Out!”

  1. Agree totally…I for one never would have thought any weird 4 letter combination .com would be worth $100.00 but lately have seen BIN at $500 for many 4 letter combo’s…

  2. Hey Reece,

    I am going into withdraw not being able to read a daily blog. When you a skip a day it messes me all up. Please don’t make this a habit. We are addicts now !! hehe

  3. I’m sorry Jeremy!

    Have an interesting story headed your way shortly 🙂

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