UNET.com sells for $100,000

The seller is a Namepros and DNF member who goes by the username Giode.

As many of you know, I don’t generally report LLLL.com sales in posts and leave that to some of the other LLLL.com domaining blogs out there, instead focussing on my vision of the LLLL.com future and tabulating LLLL.com pricing data. However this sale is significant in many ways…

1. It’s $100,000!

2. It solidifies why premium LLLL.coms (a VCVC in this case) fetch the prices they do.

3. Further proof that there are big endusers for LLLL.coms out there with lots of money.

 When you buy a VCVC, CVCV, or quad premium LLLL.com (or even a regular LLLL.com for that matter), think of it as purchasing a lotto ticket with odds of hitting it big directly related to the name you buy.

That’s the great thing about domaining versus gambling — it’s up to YOU to decide how hard you’ll work and hence how much YOU will make. The nice thing about the LLLL.com market at present is that with so many buyers willing to take your LLLL.coms off your hands for considerable premiums even over what you bought them for last week, you essentially have no risk investing in LLLL.coms.

 Suppose the odds of making a $500 sale on a triple premium LLLL.com are 1:100. Now, let’s pretend you buy those triple premiums for $80 per… That means that for every $8000 (100 triple premiums purchased) you outlay on LLLL.coms you’ll make 1 sale for $500. Assuming you bought at the current market average and prices remain the same, you just made yourself a cool $420 profit or about a 5.25% ROI — about as good as any GIC will pay.

That’s what’s so incredible about LLLL.coms… The market doesn’t even need to grow for you to profit. As long as there is a constant supply of buyers and sellers and relatively stable demand at current pricepoints, one can expect to do very well for themselves.

Take the above example one more time and pretend you have connections in the industry… Pretend you got those triple premium LLLL.coms for say, $60. You’ve now made a $2000 (25%) profit on the purchase of 100 triple premiums before even considering any enduser sales…

It’s not hard to see why there’s money to be made in this industry… The opportunity for LLLL.com arbitrage is still ripe. Don’t let it pass you by. Even if you don’t believe in lowballing people, I think we can all agree that offering 10-20% under full market value isn’t a lowball, but rather providing a very valuable service in this market — providing asset liquidation for the owners of large LLLL.com portfolios. Many bulk portfolio holders would be happy to take a payday of 10% under the going rate for the guarantee that all their names would be bought and paid for in a timely manner. We may very well have a recession on our hands here… Some people will no doubt get burnt worse than others… Use this as an opportunity to capitalize on the misfortunes of others. It’s sounds bad, maybe even downright evil,  but that’s capitalism for you — and if you don’t do it, I will 😉

 Do we all remember marginal cost and marginal benefit from Economics 101? Well let’s just say marginal benefit takes on a different meaning when you have no money — when you lost 30% of your retirement savings due to a recent crash in Apple stock…

People are impatient… Most people do not like risk… Use these facts to your advantage…

Buy Low Sell High takes a new meaning with LLLL.coms… You’ll make alot more money with LLLL.coms going around giving people offers for 10-20% under the going rate than offering them 50%+ under it… The strategy here is not to buy low, but buy at competitive prices. Pay what any reseller would. When I buy most of my domains, I think about all the people on my contact list and what they’d pay for each domain that I buy… If I don’t think they’d be willing to pay more than it’s going to cost me to acquire this name, I generally pass on the offer. Why? To that I say, why not? Why take any more risk than need be taken? If I pay less for LLLL.coms than I know my contacts are willing to pay for them, then I know that worst case scenario I have a buyer and my investment is 100% risk free.

Source: UNET.com sells for $100,000


~ by Reece on February 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “UNET.com sells for $100,000”

  1. And the game gets bigger…

  2. and now the LLLL.net is on fire riding LLLL.com coat tails. less than 3k premiums left

  3. I’m very happy for Giode. Excellent Sale!

    I’m also happy that i appraise Unet.com on 09-19-2007 by writing :

    “Please hold on this domain until the right offer .. Please

    resale price : upper low $xx,xxx to mid $xx,xxx
    end user : the sky is your limit.”

    And it sure was 🙂

  4. i have unet.info 😀
    how much should i sell it 🙂
    if any interested donatc me by mail (view whois)

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