Have You Seen any CVCVs for $500 Lately?

I have — and just bought it 😉 It’s an absolute gem (at least compared to what you can normally get for $500!) Containing no Q’s, X’s, Y’s, or Z’s. I’m quite happy with the name and will report it once the escrow finishes.

Sold 5 quad premiums within the last day that I picked up for between $200-$250 a couple weeks ago. My total cost: $1175. Total selling price (still in escrow, but payment has been confirmed): $2147

Also picked up a CVCY a couple weeks back for $100 which has been successfully flipped for $450. Picked up another quad premium a couple days back for $200 (EIAR.com).

Moral of the story: There still are good deals out there… You just have to look a bit harder.


~ by Reece on January 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Have You Seen any CVCVs for $500 Lately?”

  1. Reece how many triple and double premium domains you sold recently? Perhaps 1000 already?

    I don’t like lowballing business. BTW, I think you lost more by selling thousands of your triple premium domains before they became 60$ per each minimum than won by buying lowballed gems. Selling 1000 of triple premium domains for 40000$ that you could sell now for 60000$ todays… And if you bought several gems and perhaps each will give you 500$ in average you need to find 40 such bargains to compensate your losses. With number of domains you had you needed to do nothing. Only wait… IMHO. Perhaps I’m wrong and you have sold much less than 1000 LLLL.coms.

  2. Ergo,

    You’re correct — I did sell about 1000 LLLL.coms. One thing we have to remember too though is that with renewals rapidly approaching on many of them, that’d cut over $7000 out of that profit and make selling them at $60 only the real equivalent of selling them at $53 (versus about $42 that I sold them for on average). So I lost out on about $9000.. The CVCV I’ve gotten here is probably an easy 1.5k meaning I’m now down 8k…

    What I did was a risk — I like taking risks… Of course none of us can ever predict how fast or slowly prices will rise and this time it looks like I guessed wrong.

    I’d recommend people have $2000-$3000 set aside for bargains, not $50000 like I have.. I haven’t mentioned it here, but I took the money out largely for a reason unrelated to lowballing. I’ll lowball (or buy an LLLL.com listed seriously underpriced at Sedo) when I come across them, but a good $40,000 of what I took out is being dedicated to a project I’m looking to start. It’s a risk in it’s own right because it’s a gamble to see if I can acquire the name I’ll need for that project for < $40000-$50000. I can’t really afford to go higher on it, so this may turn out to be just one big flop.

    Time will tell 🙂

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