“God makes more people but he doesn’t make more .coms”

A nice quote from a January 14th blogpost of the Wall$treetFighter that’s as true to LLLL.com domaining as anything. In short, there are no more LLLL.coms available for regfee. With LLL.coms hovering at a minimum of around $7,000 now, is this not reason enough for LLLL.coms to increase in price?

If that reason alone doesn’t satisfy you, I direct you to ItalianDragon.com , written by Lorenzo — a stock trader and financial advisor turned domainer. Lorenzo was one of the earlier investors and supporters of LLLL.coms back in the Dark Age when investments in LLLL.coms were still frowned upon and even ridiculed.

Today LLLL.coms are all the rage and Lorenzo touches on the why.


~ by Reece on January 28, 2008.

3 Responses to ““God makes more people but he doesn’t make more .coms””

  1. Thanks for the mention. you probably have seen me over at dnforum. I go under the name BGUM after the first 4 letter I ever purchased (for a registration fee at that).

    Shane @ wallstreetfighter.com

  2. You’re welcome Shane!

    Glad to hear you’re one of us and all the best with the site + domaining 😉

    Thanks for the mention on WallStreetFighter as well — hopefully fostered a few more LLLL.com investors!

  3. I already saw a lot of such remarks. It would be nice to have a collection of different aphorisms and facts about LLLL.com industry.

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