Snapnames Increasing Minimum Bid to $100

In a dramatic move, Snapnames, the leader in backordering is increasing the minimum bid on LLLL.coms to $100. This move is sure to increase prices as the supply of cheap names slowly dries up. Some LLLL.coms will have even higher minimum bids with word around Namepros suggesting the minimum bid on quad premium LLLL.coms will be $500.

This is great news and perhaps we should all take a little tip from Snapnames here — don’t sell cheap  😉


~ by Reece on January 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Snapnames Increasing Minimum Bid to $100”

  1. Excellent news for holders. This should influence a quick and dramatic rise in prices.

  2. Reece, 100$ minimum bid is only on Public auctions. You still may backorder for just 59$ and win it with $59 (theoretically).

  3. Thanks for the correction Ergo. I still see this pushing up the price of all LLLL.coms at Snap (and hence elsewhere) to $100 per eventually. Absolutely wonderful news… I couldn’t be happier right now! 😉

  4. Hello Reece,
    Very happy with that news, but I have a question and wasnt sure where to ask it…do you feel we will ever reach a point when pronouncable and highly brandable llll.coms with a bad letter will be worth more than a quad premium that is far less pronouncable and brandable? I only ask because I own one that I feel should be worth far more than most quads I see that I wouldnt have a clue how to brand?? I checked TDVR and the domain sold in November for $237, I purchased in December for $250 and Im still wondering if I made the right move long term???

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