LLLL.nets OR LLLL.coms?

It’s something many of you are asking yourselves… With prices going up day by day on LLLL.coms, is it not logical to envision the same thing will eventually happen to LLLL.nets — and more importantly, to the quad premium LLLL.nets which are still available?

The one important thing to consider with LLLL.nets is the upfront cost versus LLLL.com. Even a very poor LLLL.com will set you back at least $25 lately, whereas a quad premium LLLL.net can be had for $5-6.

Seeing as quad premium LLLL.coms fetch about $250 min, it’s not inconceivable to see quad premium LLLL.nets fetching $10-$20 in the near future once they’re out of stock. It’s a ROI game with LLLL.nets… They’ll definitely not go up anywhere near as much in absolute terms, but ROI-wise, I do think they have long-term potential. I still think it’s too early to invest in them however… I’d take a quad premium LLLL.net anyday over an anti-premium LLLL.com @ $100, but at current prices, I still think people are better off investing in LLLL.coms. You can still get a very nice LLLL.com for $100 today with 3 premium letters — something that’s guaranteed to only increase in value for the forseeable future.

Give quad premium LLLL.nets 6 months — let the market mature. Quad premium LLLL.com prices should be sufficiently high so as to have created a (real) market for these names by then. It’s pretty easy to imagine flipping these for $10 per and netting a 100% ROI… It’s crossed my mind on numerous occasions… The important element here is the timing. If you buy them today, there’s still the risk that they won’t sell out before there’s sufficient time left to flip them before needing to pay for renewals… If you time your investment properly, you’re only betting on the success of quad premium LLLL.nets and not the rate at which they’re bought out. Don’t take more risk than need be taken. Wait until a buyout is in sight… And then, if you’re feeling confident about LLLL.nets, make your move 😉

Source: LLLL.nets OR LLLL.coms?


~ by Reece on January 23, 2008.

One Response to “LLLL.nets OR LLLL.coms?”

  1. Great entry. Very sage advice.

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