Have you seen a Deal lately?

Auctions aside, deals are getting harder and harder to come by. Reasonably priced LLLL.coms at BIN on TDNAM have vanished almost overnight it seems. A couple weeks back, you could get a nice triple premium + J for $50. A week later, you were lucky to get any triple premium for $50 — and now, you’re lucky to get any LLLL.com for under $50 at TDNAM BIN.

What does this mean? It means that sellers are getting more and more demanding. Sellers are realizing that LLLL.coms are a rapidly appreciating commodity and are beginning to realize that in a market where prices are appreciating daily, the best way to sell such an asset is either at an auction where it’s true value will hopefully be reflected in it’s sale price, or at an overly inflated BIN price which will slowly become less and less inflated — and indeed eventually the average price should it not sell prior to this. We seem to be seeing both of these at present. Granted it takes 30 days for TDNAM to send out payment by Paypal for any sales you do on their platform, it certainly makes sense that sellers would want to try and make up for that opportunity cost (the inability to purchase LLLL.coms with that money for 30 days).

Tomorrow is the last day to submit sales which will be included in the mid-January LLLL.com Price Guide. If you haven’t submitted your sales on Namepros yet, please do so before midnight CST tomorrow. I’ve scanned over the current results and will tell you that you’ll be very impressed with how much LLLL.coms have appreciated in the last 3 weeks… I’ll leave you guessing until January 24th, however I will say this — If you bought your names for the average prices suggested in the January LLLL.com price guide, you’ll be very, very happy 😉


~ by Reece on January 19, 2008.

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