Soaring Prices on Anti-Premiums through Double Premiums!

Well it’s taken awhile… But the guys at the bottom finally started appreciating significantly in value. I just sold my 110 least premium LLLL.coms, many for $35 per! Many of these names would have been tough sells at $20 all of 1 month ago and 2 months ago people were still debating if names like these would appreciate fast enough to cover their renewal fees…

This is great news for owners of LLLL.coms of all sorts. A higher minimum wholesale tends to push up the price of everything eventually. Namepros member Jamie has published an interesting report on the current backordering situation that is developing. Check out for the full read. Jamie’s article explains in depth how domainers are rapidly moving towards a minimum wholesale price equal to what it costs to backorder names. Nearly all names are getting backordered — even those bad names I was talking about earlier! Which begs the question… How long will it be before you can’t find any easily for under $50? My guess: 2 months.


~ by Reece on January 18, 2008.

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