— The Best Tool I’ve Ever Come Across! is an online domain name portfolio management system developed by Tom Clowes, owner of the RERS group. Tom is a veteran domainer and well known DNF member who holds one of the best portfolios I’ve come across.

Domain Dairy monitors .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, and .biz domain names at ANY and ALL domain registrars. It has an intuitive interface (see below) which allows you to add domains via a form by selecting any or all of your domains and then clicking update. Other options include:

  • PI chart to display the make up of your portfolio by registrar, nameservers, age, and extension.
  • A system to make your portfolio public/private.
  • If your portfolio is public, or the domains in your portfolio that you have set to public will be shown on a page you can link potential buyers to.
  • Domain Dairy Pic 5Domain Dairy Pic 3Domain Dairy Pic 4

    Don’t mind the &uArr &dArr thingy at the top of the first pic.. It’s my crappy browser’s creation 😉 Everything else is as shown.

    More to come!

    • You will also have a graphing suite so you can plot the demographics of your investments. For example you might plot the revenue your domain has earned from month to month, or the price at which you bought, and at which you have sold your domains. This option also calculates % profit as well as other things.
    • There will be individual pages for each domain where visitors can make offers, and or appraise your domains.

    edit: Due to unforseen circumstances, Tom is currently only soliciting invitations from DNF members. It’s an excellent domain name portfolio management system and if you’re a DNF member, I highly recommend you inquire about it!


        ~ by Reece on January 18, 2008.

        4 Responses to “ — The Best Tool I’ve Ever Come Across!”

        1. Reece,
          Thanks for the plug.
          Unfortunately is now closed.

          My account has been closed again without explanation at NP.
          3rd time it is happened, and I cant be bothered to see what is going on.

 is now a DNF exclusive. Invitation only. Please edit/delete this thread to keep your visitors informed. Thanks

        2. Sounds interesting, but it looks like Tom isn’t accepting new registrations…


          There’s another portfolio manager called

          – rich

        3. What happened?

        4. Tom,

          Very sorry about what happened to you.. I wish you all the best with and domaining. I’m sure I’ll meet up with you on DNF sometime 😉

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