A Tale of Two Letters

Ever heard someone talk about good or bad letters? How about letter frequency, quality, and acronyms? I was asked this question recently…

LLLL.coms are still a very new niche in the domaining world… Their behaviour is at times similar and at other times different from what we’d expect in different domaining segments — e.g. LLL.coms.

 LLLL.coms with 3-4 bad letters are finally beginning to be appreciated as being the scarce assets that they truly are. Double premiums are beginning to follow the trend set forth by triple premiums, often exceeding $50 and sometimes even $100 for a quality double premium. Triple premiums continue to post steady double digit appreciation week by week, as are quad premiums.

When we exit the domaining world and enter the real one — the one where people have no clue what a CVCV (!) is, we begin to realize that all this mumbo jumbo about premium letters, pronounceability, frequency, etc really matters very little. While a certain pattern (e.g. CVCV) may suggest that it is more likely that you find an enduser, this is by no means the end all.

In summary, some categorically-defined subsets of the LLLL.com set may have inherent value.. Carefully analyze your domain name not based on what 4 Letter Noob tells you is “about right” for that particular subset, rather look at the name for the unique domain name that it is. Why would a company need this name? How could this name propel a company to the next level?

 I can give you averages all day long about what your VCVC, CVCV, triple premium, etc should go for on any given day at any venue… Keywords: Averages, Should. The problem with both averages and “shoulds”  is that they cannot predict extreme outliers — whether this be an interested enduser or a name of significant quality up for offer, or even if you’re going to have an above-average or below-average performance… When going after endusers with non-pronounceables, one of the things at the top of the list should be the number of: (12 hours of suspense later!) acronyms and the likelihood of each and every one of these potential endusers to both:

 a) be interested.

b) be willing to pay a considerable premium over reseller pricing.


~ by Reece on January 17, 2008.

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