What are these LLLL.com categories all about?

Jeremy, a 4 Letter Noob reader recently asked me a good question about what premium, anti-premium, semi-premium, etc mean. It’s a great question and one which I’m sure many domainers new to LLLL.com investing would like to know an answer to.

CVCV = An LLLL.com that follows a Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, Vowel Pattern.
VCVC = An LLLL.com that follows a Vowel, Consonant, Vowel, Consonant Pattern.
Triple Letter = 3 of the same letter in the same LLLL.com. An example of this is my domain: LLLX.com.
Quad premium = 4 Premium Letters. Basically, 4 letters of which none consist of J,K,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z.
Triple premium = 3 Premium Letters.
Semi-Premium = When used in an LLLL.com context, generally used to denote an LLLL.com with 3 premium letters and one lesser quality letter (J,K,U,V,W,Y). Also used to denote a single letter which is of lesser quality (J,K,U,V,W,Y).
Double Premium = 2 Premium Letters.
Anti-Premium (also called Non-Premium) = 1 or less Premium Letters. Sometimes used to denote excessively bad combinations.

Source: What are these LLLL.com categories all about?


~ by Reece on January 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “What are these LLLL.com categories all about?”

  1. Reece, you have forgotten CVVC ( consonant, vowel, vowel, vowel ) and VCCV ( vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel )


  2. Hey Antonio,

    Yes, I skippd several categories — just wanted to get the basics out there. Also, CVVC and VCCV get their value more from their pronounceability, whereas a large amount of value is attributed to VCVC and CVCV strictly because they fit that consononant-vowel pattern.

  3. Hey Reece, perhaps you can talk about the philosophy and idea of “Bad Letter” and “Good Letter” Is beauty in the eye of the end user?
    Elaborate on what factors go into play when deciding letter quality. Number of words? Acronyms? In the future will this idea be a thing of the past. If, for example I had VQJ dot com and can sell it for $4k to 5k and I bought it just a few years ago. are those BAD letter? Or do we look and compare to those above us and not to those below us? What seems to be the approach and why? Is it precisely what I said? thanks…..

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