Up, Up, and Away! Time for Another Price Guide

With prices rapidly increasing across the board on LLLL.coms, I’ve decided to begin working on another LLLL.com price guide! Yes, the last one was released merely 1 week ago and contained data up to less than 2 weeks ago… But that data is already outdated!

I haven’t seen such a fast moving market as LLLL.coms in a long time… The new guide will track sales from Jan 01 through  Jan 20, and will be released on Thursday, Jan 24, 2008.

I won’t be doing another guide after this one until the February 8th guide previously promised, so guys… Please try and keep that bidding under control! 😉


~ by Reece on January 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Up, Up, and Away! Time for Another Price Guide”

  1. Hey Reece,

    Can you give me the rundown of what super-premium, semi-premium, premium, anti…..etc, etc. are? Are there like 6 different categories?

  2. I’ll wait your upcoming guide. Your guides are a great contribute to LLLL domain market!


  3. I’ll be waiting! I don’t have but 14 of these. But they are trip-prem. So my $100 test investment 3 months back is looking good when it’s now worth $2k.

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