LLLL.coms and the Mobile Web

I just read a great article by Lesley Caulie of USA Today about how the web as we know it today will be rapidly superseded over the next few years by the mobile web. According to JupiterResearch, online spending in 2007 amounted to $117 billion! There are currently 2.5 billion cell phones in use, with 1 billion additional phones expected to be in use within 2 years. Smartphones are becoming increasingly capable and broadband penetration is also increasing…

That’s all fine and dandy, but what does it have to do with the future success of LLLL.coms, you ask? Simple. LLLL.coms are short… And cell phones — even if they do have qwerty keyboards, are a pain to type on. Research conducted by User Centric found that iPhone users made an average of 5.6 typos per text message. Traffic from LLL.coms and 5L.coms will all of the sudden be finding it’s way to LLLL.coms… People use cell phones when they’re “on the go”.. Would you prefer to type in IBM or International Business Machines Corporation to get to IBM’s website? It’s rather obvious why IBM chose IBM.com for their site, no? With greatly reduced typing speeds and greatly increased frequency of errors on cell phones, an 8 or 9 letter .com is all of the sudden as much of an atrocity as typing internationalbusinessmachinescorporation.com would be everytime you wanted to access IBM’s site.

Did I forget to mention that there are 4 times as many cell phones as desktops in the world today? Cell phones are cheap — and alot of people in the world today still can’t afford desktops… What does this mean for LLLL.coms? Increased traffic from third world countries, which, while low paying, is certainly better than no third world traffic, no? Some owners of bad letter LLLL.coms will suddenly find themselves with clicks galore as they learn to discover that their domain name actually has meaning or significance in another language…

 If you thought LLLL.coms went up alot lately… There will come a time when you’ll be kicking yourself for not buying more of them when they were under $100 per. Just you wait and see 😉


~ by Reece on January 11, 2008.

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