LLLL.com Arbitrage: Pushing Back Renewals…

Ergo, a Namepros member recently asked me why I was both buying and selling LLLL.coms for relatively the same prices. Lately, I’ve been selling some LLLL.coms for less than a $10 profit (sometimes even less than $5) and he was wondering what the purpose of that was.

One good thing about LLLL.coms (or domaining in general, for that matter) is that you can approach it from a strategic perspective. I can look over my list and sell my names which are set to expire in March, April, May, etc of this year and trade or sell them for LLLL.coms which are due to expire sometime next year. If I do this daily, I can potentially save myself a $12,000 LLLL.com renewal bill on 1800 LLLL.coms.

Why not give it a try? Figure out what a fair price for your LLLL.coms are and try and resell them for equivalent LLLL.coms (ideally better ones) which are expiring next year! Your credit card will thank you later on!

Doesn’t this add a whole new perspective to LLLL.com arbitrage? You’re profiting just the same here, let’s not kid ourselves… The profit is in reduced renewal fees.

Source: LLLL.com Arbitrage: Pushing Back Renewals…


~ by Reece on January 11, 2008.

One Response to “LLLL.com Arbitrage: Pushing Back Renewals…”

  1. Excellent article Reece! A very good buying strategy!


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