LLLL.coms SOARING in Price

From Yusu.com selling for $3225 on Sedo, to seemingly out of this world TDNAM prices reaching $100+ on triple premiums… Today will go down in history as the day the market woke up and finally began appreciating LLLL.coms for the valuable, scarce assets they really are.

The Network Solutions fiasco (outlined in the post below) is only further propelling LLLL.com prices upwards. Supply of good brandables is rapidly decreasing as panic ensues over the possibility of other registrars following Network Solutions in initiating tasting on a registrar scale.

The depleting supply of TDNAM Buy It Now LLLL.coms (only 3 LLLL.coms under $49 at the time of this writing) is causing increased competition at TDNAM auctions and at other venues including Ebay, where some non-premium LLLL.coms have been selling for in excess of $100 lately.

This chain reaction is starting to look more and more like a nuclear explosion — an explosion who’s shockwave is only starting to be fully understood.

Look forward to rapidly increasing LLLL.com prices in the coming days… And remember, the best time to buy is always now.


~ by Reece on January 9, 2008.

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