I made $1008 USD profit yesterday

From LLLL.coms only, of course.

  •  Finalized my $400 UUOU.com auction sale. My Cost: $175 in December 
  • Sold 21 LLLL.coms with 2-3 semi-premiums in each for $600 on Namepros. My Cost: $147 in October
  • Sold 9 LLLL.coms with repeating letters and 1 triple premium for a total of $400. My Cost: $72 in September-October. 

In less than 4 months, I turned an investment of $392 into what I received yesterday — $1400 in sales and $1008 in profits. And people wonder why I’m so passionate about LLLL.coms 😉

There still are tons of great LLLL.coms out there for very reasonable prices. I picked up NOBW.com for $60 earlier today. That’s an easy flip @100% ROI should I choose to sell it.


~ by Reece on January 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “I made $1008 USD profit yesterday”

  1. Nice one Reece! So, with all that extra cash you could do with buying some more LLLL.com’s – hows about 100 triple premiums at $300 a piece sound? I’ll give you 5% off! 😉 😉


  2. I’ll most certainly be buying some more LLLL.coms Rich 😉

    It’s the only type of domain name I even buy anymore… Even the almighty LLL.com simply cannot compare to the massive returns we’ve already seen and will continue to see on LLLL.coms as the market begins to wake up and see this sleeping giant for what it truly is.

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