3Character.com January Prices

Zestydomains.com, author of 3Character.com  just released the January 3Character.com Price Guide. Among price changes, the minimum wholesale on LLL.coms is up $400 to $6400.

LLL.coms went up more in a single month than almost every (more than 90 percent) LLLL.com is worth! Doesn’t this tell you something? It sure tells me something… It tells me that at the current rate LLL.coms are appreciating at, they’ll be unaffordable to the large majority of businesses in no time!

Doesn’t that quad premium for a few hundred bucks sound like a bargain!?

The 4 Letter Noob January Price Guide will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned and find out how much your names have increased in value since the December 18 guide!


~ by Reece on January 3, 2008.

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