UUOU.com on auction at Namepros!

January 6 update:  The auction for UUOU.com ended at $400. Pretty good for an LLLL.com I picked up for $175 all of a week ago 😉

I can’t stress it enough that there are great deals on LLLL.coms out there — you just need to find them…


~ by Reece on January 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “UUOU.com on auction at Namepros!”

  1. hi greeting , kung hey fat choi [ happy new year ];–^),

    why didnt u do your auctions at dnforum ??

    dnforum’s members’ pockets may b much more deeper !;–^)

    cheers ThANKye , 2w

    please make
    the commenters of your any individual post
    be notified of comments in follow-up via e-mail

  2. UUOU , much more friendly 4 human memory than those web2.0 start-up’s names

    cheers ThANKye , 2w

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