Are some LLL.coms really worth their price?

There’s a great article on this over at Elliot’s Blog which resonates my sentiments on this matter. We can all see value in something like or even something less obvious like, but what about those obscure names with Q’s, X’s, and Z’s in them? Surely there aren’t endusers lining up to buy every single one of these? I’ll answer that one for you — they’re not — at least not anymore than endusers are lining up for your quad bad letter

So, with that in mind… Why exactly does a triple bad letter routinely fetch $6k-$7k while a quad premium CVCV/VCVC often struggles to see much more than half that?

EBAY, SOHU, MIXI, LIDE, DADA, UCOZ, SOSO, SAPO, MAPY, IKEA — 10 of the names gracing Alexa’s Top 500. These are just the CVCV and VCVC’s gracing it.

BOFA, VISA, AMEX — Billion dollar corps like Bank of America don’t go with LLL.coms? That must surely be news to CIBC!

As mentioned a few days back, Fidelity went with for their mobile site — so even BIG endusers have limits on what they’re willing to pay.


~ by Reece on December 26, 2007.

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