Where did all the Deals go?

Whether you look at TDNAM, Namepros — even on Ebay, it seems like deals on LLLL.coms are getting harder and harder to find.

LLLL.com sales are finally starting to pick up with DNF’ers, which means even more competition for LLLL.coms — and from some very well financed domainers!

TDNAM prices continue to increase — most notably on premiums, which I’ll devote an entire mini price guide to in the January edition. Their sheer volatility, prices, and supply makes them the perfect commodity to have a free lunch on. I’ll thoroughly investigate the marketplace and see if it’s as easy to become a premium LLLL.com arbitrageur as I’ve found it to be in the non-premium space.

 With 10% profit margins (after all associated transaction fees), one is looking at $30-$50 profits per flip. Assuming you have a decent supply of willing sellers at your disposal, it’s not too hard to see how this could be extremely profitable…

But why stop there? What if you could do this with VCVC’s or CVCV’s? Well, with how rapidly prices are going up, you can. That’s right – me, you, or anyone for that matter, with a thorough knowledge of the going rates can then go around offering people October’s prices, November’s prices, etc. The crazy thing is that even last month’s prices are sometimes almost 50% under the going rate today (as elucidated in the price guide).

Imagine getting a $3000 CVCV for $2000… How many hours of work would it take? Twenty? Maybe thirty of constantly sending out customized, personalized emails? And you never know… That guy just might know other CVCV.com holders or perhaps have more of them he’d be willing to sell!

Bottom Line: There are still deals to be found… They’re just not as obvious as they used to be.


~ by Reece on December 24, 2007.

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