Why we all need to start using Ebay more…

Have a look at this . Lots of names there worth much more than the current bid of $18.50. I’ll give the seller credit — it’s a pretty unique concept and great idea he has going there 🙂

I picked up IOQK.com on Namepros today for $16.00.. Quite happy with that purchase..

According to Nullmind, owner of TDVR.com, the following names sold at Ebay earlier today/late yesterday:

TMQF.com $16.37 Ebay
QGTH.com $20.50 Ebay
FBQM.com $20.50 Ebay
MQDR.com $20.50 Ebay

Now do those look like steals or do those look like bargains? I know 1 thing… I’ll be checking out Ebay a whole lot more often when I see names like that going for what they are… I might regret sharing this — but it’s incredible that triple premiums can still be had for $20 and sometimes less on Ebay while domainers (myself included) struggle to find them <$40 elsewhere.


~ by Reece on December 21, 2007.

One Response to “Why we all need to start using Ebay more…”

  1. Reece,

    Those 4 triple-premiums on eBay were mine … imagine my disappointment with the final prices! I still have a couple dozen triple-premiums (and more than 100 other LLLL.com’s), but I sure won’t be selling them on eBay anytime soon.


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