Coming Soon… The January 2008 Price Guide

The December 2007 price guide was a success and I can only hope to improve on it 🙂

 The January price guide will include a more thorough analysis of the elements mentioned in the December edition and I’ll try my best to make it as easy to follow and as easy on the eyes as possible.

If anyone would like to suggest additional subsections (example: triple premiums without a particular letter) be examined, feel free to let me know here or on Namepros. I want to make this guide as close to a Bible as is possible given the limited information that is available in the domain name industry.

 Work on the guide will begin on December 24th and it will hopefully be completed in early January. I’ll also be finishing the scans over the holidays, so you’ll have lots of new info coming your way in January!

I will of course continue to make updates in the meantime on whatever I find related to domaining. We’re starting to enter a new age now as LLLL.coms begin to be more and more accepted. Prices continue to rise as does interest in owning LLLL.coms… What a year 2008 will be!


~ by Reece on December 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Coming Soon… The January 2008 Price Guide”

  1. Hey Reece,
    firstly, I really enjoy reading 4letternoob – also, the name sums me up quite well.

    I have a question that you may / may not be able to answer.

    Today I bid on several names – all of which I lost.

    I don’t really understand why they sold for the figures they did: $505 $314 $1010 $405 $390

    Clearly to achieve these prices, more than one person had to see each name as at least this valuable.

    My inclination would have been towards and – I reckon they are great (and probably a steal at $3xx).

    I actually only bid to $150 on each of them, and so appear to be way off the mark.

    Any advice?

    Kind regards
    – rich

    a total 4letternoob

  2. Hi Rich,

    I’m glad to hear you like the 4letternoob and we’re all lucky to have you aboard with us 🙂 is a great name and I was bidding on it up until $250. I do think it could probably have hit $350+ had it not been sold so close to Xmas. is the start of a whole new class of premium-priced pronounceables (CVVC and VCCV). Domainers are starting to appreciate pronounceables in these categories more and more, and indeed, a name like is most certainly as pronounceable as a low grade CVCV, such as, yet such CVCV’s are commonly sold for $500+. is a highly pronounceable CYCV, which is certainly as good as a medium-grade CVCV in this case. It’s also confusingly similar to “bytes” and would make a great name for a computer-related business. Since it’s not a word, it may be more desirable for a business, as landing a trademark on it would be considerably easier. is – as you said, about fair market value. did sell a bit on the high end having lesser premiums B and F, and super premiums E and S. Altogether, it makes for a fairly average quad premium, for which prices are generally in the $300-$450 range currently. Not excessively outside that range, but a bit on the high side. The fact that quality seems to have almost no bearing on whether a quad premium sells for $300 or $450 is frightening and does suggest that these names still have alot of growth left in them. I’m going to do a more thorough analysis of premium LLLL.coms in the next version of the price guide.

  3. Thanks very much for the analysis 🙂 – I am now, somewhat the wiser. Still, am going to have to brush up on what all this premium / super premium stuff is though!

  4. Nice one Reece! Keep up the good work!

    Rich (Quad Letter Domains) 🙂

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