Exploring alternative LLLL.com markets…

An LLLL.com ending with an I or C…

Suppose we have 2 companies here…

 International Business Machines (IBM) and…

Indiana Business Magazine.

Obviously only 1 of them can own IBM.com and in this case, Indiana Business Magazine opted to use indianabusiness.com, something which I would argue is an inferior name to IBMI.com — Indiana Business Magazine, Inc.

While this example was fictitious in that Indiana Business Magazine is not looking for an alternative web address, the implications are very clear — certain letters are better in certain positions than in others.

You could look into letter frequency and try to guess which configurations might appeal to endusers most… I remember seeing a site which broke down letter frequencies based on the letter’s position in a word awhile back…

Anyway, hope this got you thinking 🙂 I’d also be on the lookout for names like AXCS.com — “not premium”, by definition, but just as good in terms of enduser potential.


~ by Reece on December 20, 2007.

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