Some VERY nice deals to be found around Namepros, Snap, and TDNAM…

Keep your eyes open over the next couple weeks… I’ve already seen alot of bargains today over at Namepros… Smart domainers are not selling right now. This has nothing to do with LLLL.coms crashing, but rather that everything domain name related tends to experience a period of less demand and more supply each December as people try and offload those last few names to fund Xmas gifts or pay off the credit cards they racked up buying Xmas gifts…

This is a once a year opportunity to buy-in at below the going rate… Don’t let it pass you by. Opportunities are now even better than when previously published. I doubt they’ll get much better and would highly recommend those looking to acquire a few more LLLL.coms do so now. I’d definitely be on the look-out for cheap premiums as well — now is the time to buy them!

 And a warm Happy Holidays goes out to all readers. Thanks for sharing your time with me over the last month and for you “hard core fans”, 4 Letter Noob will continue to be updated throughout the Holidays because domain names sales and news don’t stop because it’s Xmas 😉

I’ll keep you updated throughout the Holiday Season on how prices are chugging along, but do promise me you’ll spend most of the time you’re not domaining away with your loved ones 🙂

For those of you going away or taking a break for the Holidays, take care, stay safe, and be sure to check back in January!


~ by Reece on December 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Some VERY nice deals to be found around Namepros, Snap, and TDNAM…”

  1. DP has some good deals too. A lot of NP people cross-post there as well. Some names that don’t get traction at NP are doing quite well over on DP.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jason! It’ll be a busy next couple weeks… Will definitely be keeping my eyes open 🙂

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