The OFFICIAL Price Guide: December 2007 Edition

Data generously provided from using Microsoft Excel. Numbers in parentheses reflect November 2007 statistics. December prices reflect all reported sales until Dec 18, 2007.

*Minimum Wholesale (5th percentile): $13.00 ($12.00-> 8%

 10th percentile:  $18.00 ($15.00) -> 20%

25th percentile:  $25.00 ($20.00) -> 25%

Median: $40.00 ($31.00) -> 29%

75th percentile:  $73.00 ($55.00) -> 33%

90th percentile: $220.00 ($151.00) -> 46%

* I’ve decided to use the 5th percentile of sales on TDVR as a reference for the price guide. Because lower quality LLLL.coms are currently sold several times more frequently than premium or super-premium LLLL.coms, the 5th percentile is more of a baseline of what any could fetch, with sales below this generally not reflective of what they could fetch. I will analyze the market myself each month in addition to using data from TDVR to ensure that minimum wholesale numbers are accurate.

 Ebay had 229 documented sales for a total of $10,011. Average price was $43.70. Median price was $30.00.

Namepros had 172 documented sales for a total of $7045. Average price was $40.96. Median price was $27.00.

Snapnames had 49 documented sales for a total of $15,731. Average price was $321.04. Median price was $198.00. 

TDNAM had 215 documented sales for a total of $16,703. Average price was $77.69. Median price was $50.00.

Sales under $150.00 represented 31.3% of spending, bringing in $25,339 out of $80,881.50 reportedly spent on LLLL.coms in December so far. Discounting 3 $150+ sales deviating significantly from the average, there were 117 sales over $150, largely dominated by quad premiums, CVCV’s and VCVC’s. These 117 sales brought in $55,542.50 for an average of $474.72. Median price in the $150+ category was $282.50.

Of 96 sales less than $20 reported, 79 contained at least 2 lesser quality letters (J, K, Q, U, V, W, X, Y, Z). There were 9 reported sales of names with a single semi-premium letter (J,K,U,V,W,Y) and 8 contained a single non-premium (Q, X, Z).

Source: The OFFICIAL Price Guide: December 2007 Edition


~ by Reece on December 18, 2007.

7 Responses to “The OFFICIAL Price Guide: December 2007 Edition”

  1. Wow Reece. Your analysis are always detailed and well done. I think there is more data here in your post that in my entire site.


  2. Thanks Antonio 🙂

    We’re all forever grateful for your site. It’s really helped everyone see what LLLL.coms are selling for each and every day.

  3. good stuff, great way to present the numbers in terms of percentiles. Should just emphasize the caveat that these are based on reported sales – and I now have to apologize for being tardy with my own updates to the sales report thread, as I’ve been so busy buying in the $12 to $20 range (most around $15) that I haven’t even stopped to count let alone post the numbers. I’ve picked up at least 40 more in the last week or so … and I think there are at least a couple hundred still on offer for $15 or less. So that might move the “mean/mode/median” results a bit when these numbers get reported (real soon now!)

  4. Thanks Filter 🙂

    Like, we can of course only analyze the market we know to exist… And as much as all 3 letter .com holders would like us to believe every single sells for $6k+, reality is that they can still be found readily at about 5k with a bit of “dirty work”. Whether the amount of unreported $12 to $20 sales is greater than the amount of unreported $20+ sales is anyone’s guess. I’d guess that there are probably alot of $XXXX+ sales with NDA and hence we’ll never learn about. But most of us aren’t really interested in those ultra-premium names… We want to know about those names in the $12-$500 price range which represents all but the most premium of premiums and exceptional enduser sales.

    For these categories, I would have to agree that there are likely more unreported lesser value sales than mid-range unreported ones. Perhaps the most important statistic to observe here currently, after the obvious one — the minimum wholesale price — would be the percentage change across the months. There’s no reason to imagine the number of unreported sales as a percentage of total sales deviating all that much from month to month and hence understanding how much average growth (in percentage terms) is, without necessarily having a firm base price may still aid in making well-thought out investments in LLLL.coms.

  5. great work!

  6. great work!

  7. Thanks guys!

    Hopefully it’ll help make prices easier for everyone to follow in the future.

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