Sedo versus Namedrive for Parking

I tried Sedo for a month awhile back and the result was $45.00 earned on 1500 LLLL.coms. Not bad… But I think I can do better 😉

 Effective today, the names will be parked at Namedrive. Will keep you updated on how it goes 🙂


~ by Reece on December 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “Sedo versus Namedrive for Parking”

  1. hi, I have a few on sedo Im moving over to namedrive also, look forward to watching your progress. btw what are your best keywords for LLLL.coms? thanks

  2. Hi Deb 🙂

    I’m currently just letting Namedrive decide what’s best. I’ve heard of some people having decent CTR using terms related to web hosting, domain names, domain registration, and portal pages.

    Since I didn’t do any of this in my time at Sedo, I won’t do any of it here until I get an unbiased assessment of which is better.

    It’s definitely something to look into though and I’ll definitely look into it in the future.

  3. Try! Add my msn: thx reece

  4. Hello Reece, I had a llll at namedrive and I remember getting a click for little over $1.00 and moved that same name to sedo and got .02. There you go. Better clicks but a little less traffic.

  5. Hey CHILLY,

    I’m having the same experience — alot less traffic, but a way higher CTR and EPC.

    Sedo was usually making me $.40 to $.50 a day, with a few random $5.00+ days. So far, I’m making consistently $1.00+ a day at Namedrive (only been there 5 days), so it looks like it’ll be a whole lot better than Sedo once I factor in those random high click days 🙂

  6. Which parking service did you end up having the best success with?

  7. I’m currently at Namdrive and to be honest very new to park, what search phrases are good to use on LLLL.coms?

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