LLLL.coms – Has H.Y.P.E. become Reality? It’s still Early in the Game…

When I checked my Paypal balance today, I had $242 sitting in it that wasn’t there yesterday… This was the by-product of selling 6 LLLL.coms. No, these weren’t premium LLLL.coms like would have been the norm for such prices even a year ago… These were your average August-October 2007 regs — names which aren’t even 4 months old which have been successfully flipped for a 600% ROI. It took $42 and a couple minutes of my time that was intelligently spent in the August-October timeframe to realize this profit today.

I’m still sitting on 1600+ LLLL.coms (my portfolio link is missing about 200 recent acquisitions), which has a market value of about $60,000 USD today. Not bad at all considering it took only ~ $12,000 invested over 4 months to get it…

 When I first began investing (thousands) seriously into LLLL.coms in September 2007, some people questioned my logic. Others wished me luck, but only a scant few actually believed I’d ever see the type of return on them I’m seeing today. Today, more and more of the comments regarding my portfolio seem to be of the “Well, I would have bought 1600 LLLL.coms too if I had a spare 10k+” 😉 I don’t get many comments along the lines of “Well, good luck with that (snicker)” anymore.

You could say it was pure luck — that I was in the right place at the right time — that fortune favors the brave, etc. The important question to ask yourself is why didn’t you invest in LLLL.coms what you could afford to? This isn’t an answer you have to tell me, but it is an answer you should tell yourself — honestly.

I’ve been in your shoes many times and what’s important is not being upset about another missed opportunity, but rather, to see why you missed out. We’ve all missed opportunities in our lives — sometimes very significant ones. I was one of the fortunate few to know about eBay back in the early days when they were just starting out. One of my mother’s friends happened to be selling things on it and telling her about how wonderful it was. I heard all about it too… But did I choose to invest? No, sadly I didn’t 😦

I could lie to myself about it and pretend I didn’t have the money at the time… But I did and I chose to do nothing productive with it. If you can better understand why you missed opportunities that presented themselves to you, you may be more prepared in the future to take calculated risks investing in these opportunities.

For me, the biggest thing that used to hold me back in the past was an inability to take risks. I still don’t like taking risks… So, I arm myself with as much information as possible to make whatever risk I do take as calculated as possible. Following sales at TDNAM, Snapnames, Namepros,… Looking into who’s selling LLLL.coms — are the big guns selling theirs? The guys who had the insight to buy thousands likely have insight into when it’s best to buy and sell — even if this insight comes solely from knowing the other big players in this sector… Question their motives for buying and/or selling. Perhaps they just need a bit of spare cash, but perhaps they are also fearful of the market’s future — or conversely, that they see a future full of prosperity for those who invested early on — and don’t kid yourself here, investing in LLLL.coms today still makes you early in the game.

Source: LLLL.coms – Has H.Y.P.E. become Reality? It’s still Early in the Game…


~ by Reece on December 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “LLLL.coms – Has H.Y.P.E. become Reality? It’s still Early in the Game…”

  1. I think you are right on with this posting. If people are regret for not jumping in to buy 1500 LLLL dot coms in September of 2007, it is not too late now. If you look around you can find LLLL dot coms for as low as $15 on some forums from quick flippers. Grab them! They won’t last long. Every one of the LLLL that is expiring today is being caught by an end user or reseller. Nothing new is coming to the market. My take on this is that there won’t be a time again when you can buy LLLL for $15 again – just like how you can’t register them for $8 again.

    Good luck to everyone and my advice – “don’t wait for another LLLLL dot com to com up, this is the time to buy and hold some…”

  2. Great advice there Guna! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    I like to think of pre-buyout LLLL.coms as an IPO. It sure would’ve made sense to buy Google in the days,weeks, months after the IPO, no? I see the same here…

    If you can get LLLL.coms for $15 today and hold them for even 6 months, I think you’ll be very happy with the returns.

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